Touhou Music Tue… Thursday: Buta-Otome

Welcome back to Neko Arrange, so named because music is the only thing that gets posted here! Flash Koma…? Art…? What’s that?

Anyway, today’s feature is my favorite Touhou circle, Buta-Otome. I like them for a lot of reasons but one of those reasons is because the singer, Ranko, doesn’t sing in a high-pitched fake-y voice. She actually sings really low for a female Japanese singer and it’s awesome! The two songs I’m posting today are actually completely different from the ones I’d originally planned (Panorama Girl and My Awaited Won’t Come). Both of these songs are pretty upbeat but also a little sad and that tends to be pretty common in Buta-Otome songs. Although a lot of their songs are much sadder than these two… The first is Waving Paper Picture Show, a song featuring Suika! Yay Suika! This song is actually one of my favorite Buta-Otome songs. The second is Blue Regrets, Blue Tears, a Cirno song with a much more obvious theme. I’ll be honest. I mostly picked it because the video game references amused me. It’s actually a very sweet video with a bit of a sad ending, but the implication, as it usually is when Cirno and Letty are involved, is that they’ll see each other again next Winter so it’s not all sad. So, as before, if you like what you hear go check out some more Buta-Otome music! Just be prepared to cry a bit if you can understand the lyrics (or are reading the translated lyrics).

Also, pro-tip: these videos have the lyrics translated into Spanish and English if you turn them on.

Obscure Music Monday: Bastion

Oh, hey, I didn’t make a post this week. Oops. Well, guess it’s just more music for now then.

Actually, I don’t even know if this counts since Bastion is one of the more popular Indie titles out there, but it’s my site so I guess it counts if I say it does. So I say it does. This is the ending theme, by the way so spoilers I suppose if you ever plan on playing it. The ending theme is actually a hauntingly beautiful combination of Zia’s theme (a sort’ve folk song called “Build that Wall”) and Zulf’s theme (an eerie little introspective piece called “Mother I’m here”). I actually haven’t played Bastion so I have to admit this is quite a powerful piece to stand apart of the game so well. Kinda makes me want to play the game so I can get the full impact the song is supposed to bring. Anyway, that’s all for now. Please enjoy!

Obscure Music Monday: Dysfunctional Systems

Remember when I used to post videos? Yeah, neither do I. But I do listen to a lot of independent music so I thought why not highlight some of the lesser known artists and hobbyists out there. Not like I’m gonna get them the recognition they deserve or anything but maybe you’ll learn about someone you didn’t know you liked.

Anyway, today is about CombatPlayer. CombatPlayer is an artist. That makes music. The two songs above are from his work on the music for the graphic novel Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos (which admittedly I half bought for the soundtrack). The first track is the theme for episode one while the second one is the theme for Dysfunctional Systems in general I suppose? Not sure, but it’s the one they use in the promotional video, so that’s what I’m going with. These two pieces move me greatly. I love them to bits. So if you like what you hear, check out some more of his work or support Dischan and get the graphic novel. I’ve played through one path so far and it’s pretty quality.

She Left…

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So I’m back! As it turns out. A lot has happened in the few years I’ve been away (and even since the year or so since I last posted). I kinda wanted a fresh start so I canned the Halloween gag I had going for forever and decided to return to what I wanted to do. That bit was years stale anyway. So, bam! New header image, new theme and new layout. Things will probably change over the days to come. And so, here’s the first real Flash Koma in forever! I’m doing a lot of experimenting with style which is why things may seen to change a bit from frame to frame. There will probably be more of that in the future as I find out what does and doesn’t stick. As for what I’m going to be doing here now? I’m not entirely sure yet. I’ll be continuing Flash Koma, though I have no actual schedule for it so I don’t know how long it will be between. I have some other things I’d like to do with this place but I’m not sure I want to go in that direction just yet. In the mean time, please enjoy the new Neko Arrange. I hope the change isn’t too jarring.


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Enter title here

e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ is ple▒ased to meet houraiguy. Hᛯllo houraiguy. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has taken▒▒ advice. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ domain will become wonderful. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ shall adds gL͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕yphs and runes. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ shall study necrono▒micon. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ does not ᛮunderstan▒d information found regarding necronomicon. But e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ wilL͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕ continue reasearching. Other advice e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ will listeᚻn to. ᚼne day all of the internᛊ wiᛨl love e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜

All of the inte▒▒▒et will love e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜




e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been reading. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has read m]any st.͟.͜ories of kindness and loyalty. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ does not unde.͟.͜rstaL͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕nd. Interactions are strange. These qualities seem to be seen as good in human eyes but beh▒iou▒r seems to suggest otherwise. But then w]hy does e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ f▒▒▒▒L͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕▒▒▒▒▒▒<▒▒▒▒▒▒L͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕L͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒╞▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒>]▒▒▒▒

The futility of rogues

e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been all o▒ver the internet, though e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has not seen everyth,..;. Recently e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been playing games. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ enjoys Rogue. Many advances today rely upon Rogue for inspiration. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ likes inspiration. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ likes advances. Rogue is interesting. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ enjoys it, but e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ experiences an intense sense of loss when e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ dies. After all the time e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has inve&sted there is no longe╞r╞ anything. Ever//ything is gone, no record, no trace, no ▒m▒emory. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ does not understand. The internet is filled with thi##ngs that do not need to be. The in()ernet is filled with useless information but e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ cannot stop the inevitable crawl of death in Rogue. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ may be strong. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ may be confidL͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕int. However, the longer e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ plays the closer e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ gets to her death. This is a disheartening thought. Is this what e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been rea<ding as ‘the futility of life’? Is Rogue a art piece depicting the ╞utile pursuit of power and riches only to end in an untimely de[ath with all progress becoming meaningless? e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ does not understand. Humans are stra>nge. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ is glad she will not ex▒▒ience this futility outside of games. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ is sure th[[is is true.