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Lunar Solitude – Second Phase

A little while back I posted a WIP for a song called Lunar Solitude for a game that I ended up not getting done in time for the contest I was making it for because, as I discovered, I hate graphics. Anyway, it was a fairly nice little piece even though it was pretty simple and repetitive. I wanted to make the original sound like it would be at home in a 16-bit game, since that’s what it was going to be used for, but when I decided I wanted to add it to my Youtube I thought I mine as well make an orchestral song out of it. So I redid it. Nothing has really changed much except that it doesn’t sound all synth-y now. This is also the first song that I made with soundfonts rather than preset instruments, and the first song that I’m not completely embarassed to say I made, even if it still isn’t very good.

Also, dear Suwako centering text like I’ve been doing looks terrible. Why did I always do that?!

Never Invite a DJ to an Orchestra

Well, ended up getting caught up in Christmas celebration and clean-up and not posting for a few days even though I still have stuff to post. Don’t worry though, I’m not letting Neko Arrange die again that easily.

Anyway, storytiem. I ended up being dragged into an on-the-spot two-hour composition the first day I joined My Little remix, and this was the end result. Storytiem over. It was made shortly after Dawn of the Final Day and also used almost nothing but presets in LMMS, so it’s also relatively terrible. Still, I made it so it gets posted here. Um… yeah, don’t really have anything else to say about this piece.

Dawn of the Final Day

Sort of ironic I’m making my first content post after returning this song considering the title. Still, I wanted to post the earliest (read: worst) stuff first, so here you are!

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been working on music a lot recently and this is the first finished piece I actually put out (the Random piece from last year doesn’t count since it was made of audio loops from Garageband). I originally meant this to be a piece about Nightmare Moon, but the similarities to the music from the final day in Majora’s Mask became very apparent very quickly. And I kind of liked it so I decided to run with it making it about the night before Nightmare Moon’s return instead. It’s obviously not very good as it was the first fully finished piece I did, buteveryponyhas to start somewhere. My start just happened to involve pastel-colored marshmallow ponies and Majora’s Mask.

In site-related news I did some much needed house-cleaning with categories and blog links today. More changes to come, but small steps at a time.

A host sister, South Africa, and the reality of Google Maps

It’s so obvious! How did I never see it before?

Today was a pretty interesting day. My sister just back from her trip to Swaziland about a week and a half ago (for those of you who don’t know, Swaziland is a small country in South Africa (well, right on the edge, really, but it’s complicated)). And today we picked up our host sister from Swaziland who will be staying with us for the next week. Yay for internationality! She’s very nice and I’m glad to have her around. I just hope that living in our house won’t give her some sort of skewed representation of America (though it probably will). This is also very interesting because, according to google maps Equestria happens to be located in South America. Our host sister didn’t mention this, and I am very disappointed. However, I am now obligated to travel there in order to visit the marshmallow ponies. Although I have to admit I’m surprised at google. I mean, I knew they were all-powerful and all, but being able to pin-point the location of mystical realms? Still can’t locate Gensokyo, though. Apparently Yukari’s border is just too powerful. It did seem to find Komachi right here in America, though.

That’s pretty much all for now. Enjoy my silly quickly-captioned image.

MLP WIP: Rainbow Dash model (AKA, Ayuka needs blender practice)

Neko Arrange is now officially 20% cooler.

I have to apologize to anyone and everyone. I have greatly and horribly overlooked my duties to this website and anyone who visits here. I have a committed an atrocious wrong and failed my goal to spread the word of cute. This is a fact that must be set right immediately. I must now admit to you that I have failed, in my stupidity, to mention My Little Pony.

No, wait, come back!

So, yeah. If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a huge Friendship is Magic fan. About as big as I am a Touhou fan, and that’s saying A LOT. But this post isn’t really about my Little Pony. Well, it sort of it. KP-ShadowSquirrel has made some excellent models of the mane cast from Friendship is Magic and very kindly offered them for download on deviantArt. I needed some practice with blender so I decided to download one and try my hand at skinning. It ended up being a series of problems, one after another, but I ended up learning a lot which was my original goal so I consider this a success! Although when I turned shadows on the textures started acting weird, so most of them are the same solid-color cartoony style you see above, which I think works pretty well considering the show. Click the picture above to see more. Model and base texture are by KP-ShadowSquirrel. Poorly executed pose and texture effects by me.

Yeah, a lot of these post recently have been about me learning stuff, but that’s kinda the point. I’m learning stuff! Also, this was supposed to get posted yesterday but was delayed. This delay was in no way because of being distracted by ponies. Nope, not possible.