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Oh, hello there, I didn’t see you come in

Oh, right… This place… Er, hi?

Yeah, it’s Neko Ayuka again. Yes, I said Neko Ayuka as in I’m not changing my name for this post. No Fragile, no Serene Storm, no Strawberry Lollipop, no Tiaaaaa, no King Esquire Lord Prince the third (twice removed). Okay, maybe a little Fragile because Fragile is a cool name and it lends me completely unearned authority and totally doesn’t make me sound like some sort of easily-broken glass object. Totally. Anyway, the point is that I mine as well stop trying to fight it. Everyone knows me as Neko Ayuka and that is who I’ll be no matter what random adjectives I throw against the refrigerator with magnets. In fact the more I keep changing my username the more people are just going to call me Neko or Ayuka anyway. So, yes, I am weeaboo I guess which is sort of odd since I post less anime and manga than O-New which is not about anime. It’s sort of odd too since I didn’t even choose Ayuka because it was a Japanese name. Nope. I just did what I usually do with user names and threw syllables against a wall until they gained sentience and told me I was mean and to stop doing that. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered Ayuka was actually a Japanese name that translates roughly to beautiful fish. By the by, Beautiful Fish didn’t stick as a username either. I know. I tried.
Other names I formed by the same process include Ryun and Sheera which are also pronounceable in the Japanese syllabary but not in Russian… I assume>>