Touhou Music Tue… Thursday: Buta-Otome

Welcome back to Neko Arrange, so named because music is the only thing that gets posted here! Flash Koma…? Art…? What’s that?

Anyway, today’s feature is my favorite Touhou circle, Buta-Otome. I like them for a lot of reasons but one of those reasons is because the singer, Ranko, doesn’t sing in a high-pitched fake-y voice. She actually sings really low for a female Japanese singer and it’s awesome! The two songs I’m posting today are actually completely different from the ones I’d originally planned (Panorama Girl and My Awaited Won’t Come). Both of these songs are pretty upbeat but also a little sad and that tends to be pretty common in Buta-Otome songs. Although a lot of their songs are much sadder than these two… The first is Waving Paper Picture Show, a song featuring Suika! Yay Suika! This song is actually one of my favorite Buta-Otome songs. The second is Blue Regrets, Blue Tears, a Cirno song with a much more obvious theme. I’ll be honest. I mostly picked it because the video game references amused me. It’s actually a very sweet video with a bit of a sad ending, but the implication, as it usually is when Cirno and Letty are involved, is that they’ll see each other again next Winter so it’s not all sad. So, as before, if you like what you hear go check out some more Buta-Otome music! Just be prepared to cry a bit if you can understand the lyrics (or are reading the translated lyrics).

Also, pro-tip: these videos have the lyrics translated into Spanish and English if you turn them on.