The Oil Shop Incident

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Based on a suggestion from an MotKer. This took a really long time to make. And it still could use some work if I had more time to polish up the ‘storyline’ a bit. Ah well. This is why I try to do this everyday. I will improve!

5 thoughts on “The Oil Shop Incident”

  1. Oh wow,that sure is one heck of a long flash.It is funny and enjoyable…AND YOU CHANGE THE ARROW THINGIES!HOW CLOUD YOU DO THAT!I am not good at adapting to new stuff. ;_; And the ending to EXTRA stage was full win.For today’s post I give you my dino badge. >_<

  2. The arrow hitbox is a lie!!

    ….It feels a bit broken now, maybe just make it a fat box that spans the entire length and width of the arrow.

  3. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I changed the arrows when I changed the code. It makes it MUCH easier for me to change the number of frames in a flash now. But the arrows are causing issues? Meh, maybe I’ll just put the old ones back in.

  4. Well if the issue is just the ‘hitbox’ so to speak I might be able to fix that pretty easily… Hmmm, more experimentation is required. Time for SCIENCE!

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