Arm Flap!

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Hat Girl is always full of energy!

My apologies for the lack of posts these past two days. Friday was the ring dunk party for Vappy and her roommate, and ring dunking is a pretty big deal at my university. I’m not sure if the have it at other colleges, but essentially you drop your ring into a pitcher of something (it’s supposed to be alcoholic, but it doesn’t have to be) and then you drink the entire pitcher to get your ring back. Yep. And it’s a big deal. Why? I don’t know it just is. It’s a lot of fun, though. I ended up staying up really late too which threw off my sleep schedule again and made me have to rush to catch up on the work for my studio. I’m all set now, though. Yay for being prepared!

4 thoughts on “Arm Flap!”

  1. Up,up,up,up!Come on…you can do it.Awwwww I would rly like to see her fly.And the hat…it looks like the hat is flapping her ears too!Hahaha I sure love Hat girl a lot. >_<

  2. “This one actually has a really Walfas kind of style. x3”

    Yeah, now that you mention it, it really does. A combination of redrawing every frame and the waving arms, I suppose. Oh well, I can’t be original all the time.
    Er… I mean, it’s a tribute. Yeah, yeah, a tribute.

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