Super Hat Girl RPG

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I love RPGs, and I haven’t done many flashes involving them, so I decided to do one tonight. Just a short one because I am very tired and need to go to bed.

4 thoughts on “Super Hat Girl RPG”

  1. Hah,that flash was pure awesomeness.And Hat girl’s RPG hat is awesome too.But wait…When I reached the end of the flash AND when I went back to check on some scenes AND when I decided to go forward again…CAUTION!ARROW NOT WORKING!CAUTION!

  2. Arrow hitbox is way too over to the right… And it’s some boxish shape, but then again, that would be helpful.. Just make sure you make the box bigger than the actual arrow.

  3. Hmmm, the arrows work fine for me, even in the browser. Are you sure it wasn’t a hitbox issue, Flare?

    I did try ‘fixing’ the hitbox for this flash, but looks like it still needs some work. I’ll try to make it more intuitive for the next flash,then.

  4. Well the problem stops when I go to the first scene.And…wait!Why am I concerned about this thing anyways?The flash is fine the way it is.God…I must be rly bored.

    So…yeah.It’s fine.Don’t think about the problem.Just make more flashes we can enjoy. :p

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