Happy belated talk like a pirate day!

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Talk like a pirate day is pretty neat. But somehow I always seem to miss it every year. It makes me kind of sad.

Also, sorry for no post Thursday. I had a ton of work to do and was up until long past midnight and ended up losing track of time.

3 thoughts on “Happy belated talk like a pirate day!”

  1. YaY!For some reason the “Leave comment thingy” didn’t allowed me to use the freedom of speech.But I am the last to laugh as allways.

    So…yeah.This was supposed to be a comment full of joy about the awesome Hat girl’s hat pirate idea+Wow there’s a “Talk like a pirate day”question.But way to go to steal my happiness freaking comment box…

    And I want Hat girl on my pirate crew now.

  2. Sorry about that. WordPress changed the settings on comments for no reason. I’ve fixed it now so that you don’t have to log in or have your comments approved before they appear. I think something similar happened on Walfas the other day, so let me know if it happens again.

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