Lost Bag

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Last night I went down to the basement of the commons dorms where they play videogames late Friday nights until early in the morning. I played Brawl for a while and when I got up to leave I found out my bag was gone. It was terrifying! I looked everywhere I could, asked everyone who had been down there, and finally we ended up finding a bag that looked a little like mine that no one had claimed. There were some assignment papers with a name written on them so I headed off to see if I could borrow a computer to look this person up. Unfortunately, all the on campus buildings that have computers were closed so I had to go all the way back to my studio and borrow a laptop from a friend of mine. After searching the university website and several social networking sites I hadn’t come up with any contact information. It was then that I realized I should probably look through the bag to see if there was maybe a phone number in it. And as it so happens there were several copies of a resume in there with the person’s phone number on them. Also as it turns out they live in the same dorm I do. I got really lucky. I got by bag back and gave them their bag back. Thankfully nothing was missing. I have learned not to let my bag out of my sight, though, even when there are trustworthy people around.

2 thoughts on “Lost Bag”

  1. I was expecting to see Marisa stealing the bag,(Marisa from touhou…)but I guess that those kind of jokes about Marisa are kinda…old.

    Good thing that you found your bag.And yeah…don’t trust everyone.[Puts knife back…<_<]

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