Spazzy flash of spazziness

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EDIT: Fixed now that I’ve finally figured out how the new coding in Flash works. Well, kind of. Anyway, the original version can be seen here. Anyway, this is just a test of working with flash-based comics. It’s random, I know, and I’ll come up with more witty comics in the future (hopefully with better art as well), but this was sort of a proof of concept thing for me to figure out how to work this. Should be much easier to deal with in the future now.

So I discovered today that it’s been far too long since I’ve tried to mess with actionscript in Flash. It’s completely changed and I don’t know how to make buttons work properly anymore. As a result the buttons in this flash don’t work. Or anything else for that matter… So enjoy this spaz attack instead! I could’ve just extended the number of frames and made each panel play for longer, but I didn’t. Why? Because the spazziness made me laugh. Also haven’t figured out how to embed flash yet so there’s only a link here now. I’ll edit this post once I figure it out. Fixed.