New (Old) Guidelines and New (Old) Wiki


It seems that the Touhou community is abuzz with the new Guidelines ZUN posted recently with a lot of concern about what it means for the community at large. Or at least I assume there is. I’ve been gone from the internet for a while so I’m getting information a bit late and from very few sources at the moment. In ZUN’s words, however, the new guidelines are the old guidelines. Keep on keepin’ on because the fan-made work is a large part of what keeps Touhou so interesting!

So if there’s no change then why are they ‘new’ guidelines? Well, specifically the new parts of the guidelines have to do with commercially-made products and commercial distribution of the official games. Let me be more specific because over here commercial often means ‘sold for profit’, but that’s not exactly the meaning in this case. There’s a distinction between commercial and doujin games. Commercial games have to get ZUN’s approval and commercial animes are banned outright. Fan-made, doujin, products are still perfectly fine, though, even if they’re being sold. However, they have to be made by a fan or doujin-circle and can only be sold at events such as Reitaisai and Comiket and in doujin stores.

In other words, ZUN is simply spelling out that he doesn’t want official companies making things based on Touhou without his consent, something he’s made obvious for a while now but I guess he felt the need to explicitly state it.  Well, alright, it has changed a bit for those of us overseas. Among ZUN’s guidelines he said that he will no longer allow direct-download of the Touhou games to foreign countries (meaning that Touhou games from places like Steam are now officially banned). This isn’t really a big deal since most people, to the best of my knowledge, get their products via import anyway but I’m sure there are people who are effected by this.

Also one last change: Touhou games for Xbox Live, Playstation Network, iPhone/Android apps and the like are also banned now. I’ve never really seen any for any of these but apparently they do exist in Japan. Not anymore, though.

So, to recap (or to make it more obvious if I was too confusing):

I’m inclined to listen to her, but that’s mostly because she knows where I sleep.

old guidelines still apply for doujin products, even (and especially) if they are sold for a profit. Commercial products (made by official corporations, not doujin groups) now must get permission directly from ZUN and commercial anime is banned. Direct-download of Touhou games in foreign countries and Touhou games for Xbox Live, iPhones, etc are likewise banned. Read more about it on the wiki.

In other news, there is a new Touhou wiki on wikia, and it looks pretty nice. Well, actually it’s the old wiki, but it’s new because… Well, let me start from the beginning.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Unless you’re like me and disappeared from the internet for a long period of time then you probably know about the great Touhou wiki migration. Annoyed with the new changes Wikia had made regarding content space and ads the wiki community migrated the wiki onto a new server separate from Wikia: touhouwiki where it continues to expand and thrive. However, Wikia left the old wiki open which meant it could still be edited by anyone. It is still one of the first sites new Touhou fans are likely to come across, and so rather than let it become a confusing place for new-comers or a playground for internet gaffiti, a group of people got together to make it a resource to help new members of the community gain an interest in the series and direct them to places where they can find more information.

That being said, it’s important to note that touhou wikia is not competeing with touhou wiki. Rather, it would be a funnel to link people to the wiki as well as offer other resources newcomers might be interested in. If you are interested in reading about what touhou wikia hopes to do or would like to help in the effort, take a look here.

…Okay, not really.

And while we’re on the topic I would like to take this opportunity to remind all Touhou fans that the Touhou Wiki is a community edited database and that it’s only through the contribution of fans that the site can continue to expand and be kept up to date. Even a small contribution to the site is very important and Touhou Wiki is always in need of updates to articles or standardization of article series. Edit Touhou Wiki. It’s the right thing to do. This message brought to you by the Association for Promoting the Editing of the Touhou Wiki.

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  1. HAT GIRL!WITH KAT KAP LOOKING LIKE A PIRATE!This day sure is awesome.ALSO!Good thing that I got almost(Almost <_<)every touhou games and manga.(Including the doujins.)But now,I am going to question my ablilities to illegally get ZUN's next products.(´_ゝ`)


    Anyways, man what’s the point of posting that nothing’s changed if nothing’s changed, it’s almost like making a post just to say that you’ve made a post.

    OH WAIT ;____;

  3. Posting to say you made a post does matter if people think you didn’t make a post, though.

    That analogy didn’t work out the way I was hoping it would.

  4. Well, even if nothing’s really changed, stuff still happened, and if stuff happened, it’s worth talking about.

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