I’m actually a writer

You remember that new content I was talking about? Well, here’s part of it: a new section where I’m adding my writing. I write both original stories and Touhou fanfiction and I’ll be posting both to the site as well as linking to where they can be found elsewhere. The first of these is A Rainy Day, a short comedic story in which Nitori’s plans are interrupted by the arrival of Marisa. you can read it on this site or at MotK by clicking one of the links on the Writing page. Just follow the link above!

More new content, updates to Western Roses, Touhou-a-Days, and more coming in the near future.

4 thoughts on “I’m actually a writer”

  1. Well, music and 3D Modeling may be getting purged like some of the older categories that used to have less than 2 posts, but Western Roses and Writing will be getting more posts in the future. Life of Project will as well, though probably not as quickly.

  2. What about the quick flashes?I hope that you are not going to leave them in the past,like a certain flash-making blogger who did this…

  3. No, of course not. Although there still aren’t going to be any more until the 100th is finished and at the rate schoolwork is bogging me down that seems unlikely to happen until this summer.

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