Super Hat Girl RPG sketch

It’s been a bit since I last posted anything here. I had plans, but I’ve thrown them out the window due to flaws. The most important of them being the 100th Flash Koma. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing it but the original idea I had for it was poorly fleshed out and I’m going to need to start over again so that it’s not just a random sequence of events with unfunny jokes. But I kind of liked this picture so I figured I would share it anyway (besides, it’s been a while since Hat Girl has appeared on this site). The text ‘effect’ is lame, the color scheme is terrible (I’m not good with coming up with my own colors), but it’s still kinda cute. I think the little kitty critter thing will show up again at some point.

Aside from that there is the matter of Western Roses. v0.5 will be coming soon, probably within the next couple of days, and that will be the last update to it for a while. I’ve been working on it pretty hard recently and I sort of need a break from it, partially to work on schoolwork and partially because if I don’t work on Flash Koma then it may never get finished. I’ve also been messing some with different sprite colors for some of the Hisoutensoku characters that I was originally going to upload here and offer for download, but I’ve decided against it. The sprite editor is easy enough that anyone can use it and there’s not exactly a big demand for alternate colors for Soku characters anyway.

*Sigh* Well,if nothing else, I feel better having said all that.

4 thoughts on “Super Hat Girl RPG sketch”

  1. Yay,long time no see Hat gir…Woahahaha,that new cat-kap-type-hat…it makes me happy.

    I’ve been allways wondering about what type of program for drawing/painting you use.I am going to ask now.

  2. For the stuff I’ve done for this site I’ve almost exclusively used Flash. Among other things it’s easier to animate that way.

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