Pixel… sketch?

I was working on some sketches for Hat Girl for the 100th flash today, and they turned out… less than stellar. But I also worked on this today! Just a quick experiment in spriting. This is… uh, some girl a a red shirt. Yes, that is most definitely who this is. I’ve done spriting before, but I’ve never done it from scratch and I have to say that as far as a first attempt goes this looks pretty nice. I think I’ll have to do the Flash Koma characters like this sometime as well.

4 thoughts on “Pixel… sketch?”

  1. That’s…actually pretty nice.Ahh,looking at it really reminds me of the good ol’ DOS and NES games we ALL used to play in the past.(We still do it…well at least some of us.)

    But let’s try not to bring too much nostalgia all over the place.I would love to see the characters from Flash Koma pixelated though.

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