Western Roses v0.5

The newest version of Western Roses is finally here, bringing with it improved battle mechanics and the bare-bones of the character-creation system. Because this has made the game fully playable (even if it’s not all that interesting as it is now) I am dubbing this v0.5. In other words, the basic rules are about halfway done (though refining them will still take some time afterwards). Actually I’ve had this version of the rules written for about a month but I’ve been putting off posting it for a number of reasons. This is in part because it’s end of semester at school which meant my final projects for studio were due and I now have finals to study for in my lecture classes. It’s also because I’ve been running a test scenario with a group of friends who were interested in playing and I wanted to take possible changes from that into account before posting a finalized version. But I have to admit that the biggest set back has simply been a lack of personal motivation (and a friend dragging me into play maplestory hasn’t helped either), though I’ll talk more about that in my next post.

Anyway, as always, please leave comments either here or on the rules page if you happen to read them and have any advice on how they can be improved. Thank you for your time!