5 thoughts on “UTAU/HTML5 Test”

  1. Putting the lyrics here because I can.


    Nice to meet you, my name is Kasane.
    My hair is pink, I want to sing.
    I love french bread, so good!
    Spinning around and around, I want to sing.

  2. I was able to play the song with the awesome POWER of Firefox.(It doesn’t show up with Internet explorer…YES!I am a person who use IE!(゚д゚) )

    It…it kinda sounds like Bad apple.But the voice is adorable.Too bad the UTAU is too much for my computer to handle,I’ll have to download it on my laptop.(Too lazy to do that.)

    ALSO!Gonna continue uploading Flash Koma videos.I’m gonna try my best to put fitting music in them.

  3. Yes, that’s because IE doesn’ fully support HTML5 and isn’t W3 compliant. I personally prefer Firefox and Chrome for a number of reasons but that’s neither here nor there.

    Also it kinda sounds like Bad Apple!! because it’s the same tune from Elly’s theme except with different lyrics.

    Also, also, yay more Flash Koma uploads!

  4. Huh? What do you mean? The song and controls are called using HTML5, that’s why it’s a built-in music player that doesn’t require a plug-in.

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