Teto Popcom

I’ve been messing around with LMMS and running some tutorials. I combined the song I ended up with with UTAU and got what you hear above, Teto singing her name to Popcorn! So, Popcom, because Teto is a computer program! Yep, that’s it. I am very easily amused.

EDIT: Now it actually works! Uploaded it as a wav file instead of ogg. No clue why the ogg wasn’t working properly, possibly something to do with audacity which I created it with. This is going to take some experimenting.

2 thoughts on “Teto Popcom”

  1. Heck yeah!Teto+popcorn in the morning=An important part of a healthy breakfast. (´∀`)

    UNRL-Two new videos uploaded-Flash Koma:Tasukete Eirin and Flash Koma:Sleepy Hat Girl.

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