MLP WIP: Rainbow Dash model (AKA, Ayuka needs blender practice)

Neko Arrange is now officially 20% cooler.

I have to apologize to anyone and everyone. I have greatly and horribly overlooked my duties to this website and anyone who visits here. I have a committed an atrocious wrong and failed my goal to spread the word of cute. This is a fact that must be set right immediately. I must now admit to you that I have failed, in my stupidity, to mention My Little Pony.

No, wait, come back!

So, yeah. If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a huge Friendship is Magic fan. About as big as I am a Touhou fan, and that’s saying A LOT. But this post isn’t really about my Little Pony. Well, it sort of it. KP-ShadowSquirrel has made some excellent models of the mane cast from Friendship is Magic and very kindly offered them for download on deviantArt. I needed some practice with blender so I decided to download one and try my hand at skinning. It ended up being a series of problems, one after another, but I ended up learning a lot which was my original goal so I consider this a success! Although when I turned shadows on the textures started acting weird, so most of them are the same solid-color cartoony style you see above, which I think works pretty well considering the show. Click the picture above to see more. Model and base texture are by KP-ShadowSquirrel. Poorly executed pose and texture effects by me.

Yeah, a lot of these post recently have been about me learning stuff, but that’s kinda the point. I’m learning stuff! Also, this was supposed to get posted yesterday but was delayed. This delay was in no way because of being distracted by ponies. Nope, not possible.

9 thoughts on “MLP WIP: Rainbow Dash model (AKA, Ayuka needs blender practice)”

  1. @Flare: You know I didn’t make the model itself, right?

    @Harris73: Working on it!

  2. …and I just noticed the new “Friendship is Magic” category” XD

    You seem to be on a summer break…When are you going to start updating this blog again?

    [Yes,I am asking cuz I wanted to know about the time when the new Flash Koma is going to be out!]

  3. I’m actually off summer break now. Second week of classes this week. I didn’t really post about it, but the blog is on temporary hiatus at the moment. I’m planning on making some renovations to the site and it’s unlikely there will be more posts until I decide what exactly I’m going to do with the old content here. When house-cleaning comes around I’ll re-upload the Flash Komas, though new ones may be done in a different format. I’m not sure what to do with the rest of the content, though. It’s mostly re-posts of videos from Youtube,so I may just delete them and move on. Or maybe just archive them for nostalgia’s sake? I’m a bit on the fence about it.

  4. Archive them!I personally like the feeling of nostalgia!This blog have a potential and to tell you the truth,it also played a part in my determination to make progess in my projects as well.Back in Silhouette Project…and now in my new No-Kywln project as well.Keep things up in this place!I am like,dying to see the new format for the new Flash Komas!

    Can’t wait for more Hat Girl awesomeness! \(>_<)/

  5. Haha, well I suppose that’s what I’ll do then. I won’t promise it will happen in the very near future, but changes are on the way!

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