Dawn of the Final Day

Sort of ironic I’m making my first content post after returning this song considering the title. Still, I wanted to post the earliest (read: worst) stuff first, so here you are!

In case you didn’t know, I’ve been working on music a lot recently and this is the first finished piece I actually put out (the Random piece from last year doesn’t count since it was made of audio loops from Garageband). I originally meant this to be a piece about Nightmare Moon, but the similarities to the music from the final day in Majora’s Mask became very apparent very quickly. And I kind of liked it so I decided to run with it making it about the night before Nightmare Moon’s return instead. It’s obviously not very good as it was the first fully finished piece I did, buteveryponyhas to start somewhere. My start just happened to involve pastel-colored marshmallow ponies and Majora’s Mask.

In site-related news I did some much needed house-cleaning with categories and blog links today. More changes to come, but small steps at a time.

3 thoughts on “Dawn of the Final Day”

  1. LMMS. And, yeah, making instruments sound nice is something I’m still struggling with. I’ve gotten better instruments since I made this, but I’m still having problems.

  2. …and you know,if you are not enjoying this catchy music piece,a pony will come on new year’s eve to bite your head off in your sleep. A.K.A. Pony de grĂ¢ce!

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