Never Invite a DJ to an Orchestra

Well, ended up getting caught up in Christmas celebration and clean-up and not posting for a few days even though I still have stuff to post. Don’t worry though, I’m not letting Neko Arrange die again that easily.

Anyway, storytiem. I ended up being dragged into an on-the-spot two-hour composition the first day I joined My Little remix, and this was the end result. Storytiem over. It was made shortly after Dawn of the Final Day and also used almost nothing but presets in LMMS, so it’s also relatively terrible. Still, I made it so it gets posted here. Um… yeah, don’t really have anything else to say about this piece.

3 thoughts on “Never Invite a DJ to an Orchestra”

  1. …and Neko Arrange is now “Pony Arrange”!

    But it’s fine.You know…ponies are acceptable at some point.[MPoV]

    So,I am going to be honest here.I really enjoyed all the music pieces you’ve made so far.They were really catchy and…nice.This one however is…a bit dry?I don’t know.I just cannot feel it in the same way as the others.

  2. @Mushyrulez: …wat? If you mean that it doesn’t sound very orchestra-y, it’s probably because I didn’t really know what I was doing. Still don’t, but I’m working on it.

    @Flare: Nah. Just have some pony music to post at the moment. There’s still Touhou and Flash Koma to be had, just want to post the stuff I have back-logged.

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