Lunar Solitude – Second Phase

A little while back I posted a WIP for a song called Lunar Solitude for a game that I ended up not getting done in time for the contest I was making it for because, as I discovered, I hate graphics. Anyway, it was a fairly nice little piece even though it was pretty simple and repetitive. I wanted to make the original sound like it would be at home in a 16-bit game, since that’s what it was going to be used for, but when I decided I wanted to add it to my Youtube I thought I mine as well make an orchestral song out of it. So I redid it. Nothing has really changed much except that it doesn’t sound all synth-y now. This is also the first song that I made with soundfonts rather than preset instruments, and the first song that I’m not completely embarassed to say I made, even if it still isn’t very good.

Also, dear Suwako centering text like I’ve been doing looks terrible. Why did I always do that?!

4 thoughts on “Lunar Solitude – Second Phase”

  1. Game?You were making a game for a contest?I demand to see it!

    Also,I really like this M.Piece.Dammit,why can’t I make good music too…? o;____;o

  2. Did you create the picture on the video?

    Some things feel slightly jarring, like when the strings just suddenly come in, but it feels like a nice… I don’t know, SNES-era tune from a darker level. Emphasizing the main theme so much is also pretty cool!

    also exclamation marks ahoy !!!111!

  3. @Flare: You mean the game that I never got past the stage of trying to get walking animations to work and which doesn’t even have an actual background built for it? There’s not really much I can show you.

    @Mushy: No, I didn’t create the picture. I’m not too great with graphics. The only reason I can pretend to draw in flash is either by being super sketchy or turning smoothing WAY up.
    Also, thank you very much for the advice. I really need to know what does and doesn’t work more than anything else, so I really appreciate it. I think what I mostly need to work on at this point is making things less repetitive and then I can worry about starting to sound less noobish.

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