Touhou Higashijanai ~ Beautiful Western Roses and the University Class of What the Hell!

Stallion, school has really taken a bite out of my time. I’m supposed to be a computer science student. What’s with all this math?! Yeah, I know computers involve a lot of math, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Oh, but that’s not really what this post is about. See, remember that thing I was working on a while back? Ya know, that Touhou RPG that I said I would probably stop writing and abandon. Yeah, in retrospect I’m not very good at keeping my word, am I? The next version of the rules, v0.6 is coming soon and it’s almost a complete overhaul of the rules, improving them to make them flow a little better as well as to be a more flexible system. Improvements you can look forward to include: A full character creation system, lacking only the ability to create options (ya know, those things that appear when you gain power in the shooters) including 8 races and a handful of classes that will be expanded upon in later rule sets. Also, the base work for the spellcard system which allows players to create spellcard decks similar to the fighting games. And a new system of rolling where a character’s stats determines the number of dice she rolls as opposed to simply trying to roll lower than a certain number (mostly because trying to roll higher than a certain number is sort of easier to deal with).

One way or another, I plan on doing character creation for the local test group this Friday which means the new version of the rules should be out within a week or so (depending on how much I overhaul the fighting system).

5 thoughts on “Touhou Higashijanai ~ Beautiful Western Roses and the University Class of What the Hell!”

  1. But…but I really thought we could be friends…

    Why don’t you like me?There are other subjects that are worse than math and yet… ;_;

  2. Hey, you should seriously investigate into the possibility of porting your game into a computer game. Unless it’s already a computer game. In which case the step would be unnecessary.

    I’ve a friend in beginning programming who’s making a D&D style game from scratch. If he can do it, then you (being a cs student) most definitely can, in a tenth of the time. It’ll be interesting!

  3. @Mushyrulez: Well, it would be an interesting project. Biggest problem is that the rules still aren’t full. Second biggest problem being that I still hate graphics so I’d either have to find creative commons sprites online or find someone much better at spriting than I am. Still, maybe I’ll try it.

  4. You’ll be a little disappointed, then. Current priorities: school, Touhou RPG, music, then Flash Koma. It’s high up there, but it’ll still take some time to get out what I’m planning. And after the long wait I just hope it’s not too disappointing. orz

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