Touhou Higashijanai ~ Western Roses v0.6

Hay, it’s been more than a week since I last posted here! Well, we can’t have that. Well, how about that update to Western Roses I’ve been promising? Yeah, that’ll do. I’ve actually had v0.6 done for a couple of weeks now, but I held off on posting it because one of the test players wanted to be Alice which meant I needed to go ahead and write rules for the Doll Master class and I kept putting off writing them until a few days ago. Then I didn’t post about it here because apparently I always have to post about things on Neko Arrange about four days after I finish them or something. Anyway, with the addition of the Doll Master class that technically makes this v0.65. Actually, it technically makes this v0.75 because the system has undergone a near complete overhaul. But it’s still getting called v0.6 because that’s what the file is saved as and we DO NOT argue with the file name. It gets very agitated very easily.

So now you’re probably sitting there in your chair thinking: Well, Ayuka/Neko/Fragile/Lineko/Tiaaaaa/whatever-name-you’re-going-by-this-week, that’s great but why should I care? The correct answer is that you shouldn’t. This is a Touhou tabletop RPG. No one asked for this, no one wants it. Except me. And some of my friends. And some randomponies I met through a student organization that I keep forgetting the names of and ask them to send me e-mail addresses so that I can pretend I knew their names all along. But on the off-chance you do care, here’s some stuff to care about:

-new system in which your stats determine how many dice you roll rather than the number you need to roll under. Rolling higher is now better because that’s easier to remember

-a robust* character creation system that actually lets you create characters for reals this time

-10 unique* shot-types which determine your base stats and give you a passive ability

-8 races, each with their own advantages and abilities including fairies, lunarians, tengu, oni, magicians, generic youkai, and even boring*ponies

-7 exciting* classes (referred to as occupations because classes are too mainstream)

-Choose the balanced Carefree Soul, the magically-inclined Librarian, the tanking Guardian, the healing-based Shrine Maiden, the minion-spawning Doll Master, the ranged assassin Combat-Maid, or the dodging Drunken Master, each with their own capabilities and different spellcards

-An intriguing* spellcard system which allows players to create their own unique* spelldecks lending personal flavor to each character. It’s also complicated and confusing and needs to be rewritten

-Skills and abilities, real ones this time not ones that exist only in my head, I swear!

-A refined item system that is more refined. Also it’s more specific and less broken

-A drinking system so even plain everyday characters can get drunk if they want to

* – all claims are completely Ayuka/Neko/Fragile/Lineko/Tiaaaaa/whatever-name-it-is-this-week’s and do not reflect actual gameplay. This game may be significantly less fun than a certain game involving giant fire-breathing winged creatures and places where you lock up prisoners. Especially if you’ve never heard of Touhou before. Or it might be more fun. We honestly have no idea.

So that’s pretty much it for now. The next version (which probably will be called v0.75 if not v0.8) will likely be another complete overhaul possibly even more complete-er than this complete overhaul. Or possibly not. Either way, the spellcard system will be re-written to be more unique for different classes and more generic for spellcardsanyponycan use. And also there will be more spellcard skills. That too. Current working changes for next version include:

-revise spellcards

-implement the options system (the things you get when you collect little red blocks, not the ability to chose between different things)

-change the way salaries work so that they don’t seem like something randomly tacked on so I could call them occupations rather than classes

-a way to combine spellpower between characters so they can use spellcards that cost more that 400 spellpower

So there you go. Now back to being a lazy lay-about. Stop making me do things!

6 thoughts on “Touhou Higashijanai ~ Western Roses v0.6”

  1. I really like how the whole “Western Roses”-thing is turning out.

    Is there going to be a Kappa race?There should be a Kappa race!There’s no reason for you to not add it… <_<

    Apart from that,everything else is fine and dandy.

  2. Yeah, there’s going to be a kappa race. They’re going to be written to work well with the planned mechanic class.

  3. Thank you very much, Mushy. That was very, very kind of you. :3

    Now to post that post I’ve had written since I posted this post. Man, apparently I need to stop lining up posts. They lead to unexpected hiatuses.

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