Oh, hello there, I didn’t see you come in

Oh, right… This place… Er, hi?

Yeah, it’s Neko Ayuka again. Yes, I said Neko Ayuka as in I’m not changing my name for this post. No Fragile, no Serene Storm, no Strawberry Lollipop, no Tiaaaaa, no King Esquire Lord Prince the third (twice removed). Okay, maybe a little Fragile because Fragile is a cool name and it lends me completely unearned authority and totally doesn’t make me sound like some sort of easily-broken glass object. Totally. Anyway, the point is that I mine as well stop trying to fight it. Everyone knows me as Neko Ayuka and that is who I’ll be no matter what random adjectives I throw against the refrigerator with magnets. In fact the more I keep changing my username the more people are just going to call me Neko or Ayuka anyway. So, yes, I am weeaboo I guess which is sort of odd since I post less anime and manga than O-New which is not about anime. It’s sort of odd too since I didn’t even choose Ayuka because it was a Japanese name. Nope. I just did what I usually do with user names and threw syllables against a wall until they gained sentience and told me I was mean and to stop doing that. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered Ayuka was actually a Japanese name that translates roughly to beautiful fish. By the by, Beautiful Fish didn’t stick as a username either. I know. I tried.

But this post isn’t about usernames, I swear! It’s about Neko Arrange which I have been horribly neglecting and keep saying that I’m going to stop neglecting before giving up and neglecting it anyway. Not that it matters too much, it’s not like I’ve posted anything productive in the past year and a half. Western Roses doesn’t count. But this place is also the only way I have of keeping in contact with people I know online so I’m gonna continue it anyway even if I have absolutely nothing to say!

Now I know what you’re thinking. Couldn’t you just read the blogs/ISSSs/work pages/twitters/tumblrs/zzxxyrxcvs of these people and comment on those. The answer to this is obviously no because if the answer was yes then I would have no excuse perfectly valid reason for posting on a regular basis about whatever is in my head and so it must not be a possible alternative. Because I always have perfectly valid reasons for everything I do. Like that one time I started a Flash Koma comic series and called it Quick Flash because KirbyM did it it was a completely original and awesome idea and then changed the name to make it seem like I wasn’t copying KirbyM because Flash Koma is a more original and awesome name and then stopped making it because it was work and work is for losers who make money (read: I do not make money).

So the point is that I’m gonna stop caring if I have content to post because writing is fun and I miss being able to do it. If I’m just going to be doing rambling then the posts will be in the handy little ‘words’ category! If I’m also being over-emotional then they’ll also be in the handy little ‘FEELS’ category! Now you may be thinking, ‘Neko, you’re always over-emotional. Couldn’t you just make a FEELS category and not bother with the words thing because you already have way too many post categories?’ To which my answer is: SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS JUDGING ME?! I HAVE FEELINGS TOO YA KNOW AND I CAN’T HANDLE ALL THIS PRESSURE! I’M GOING TO CRY NOW AND HOPE IT MAKES YOU FEEL BAD!

Oh, another important reason is because I’m in Japan now. I guess I should’ve mentioned that sooner. Like two weeks ago when I arrived. But I’m here! And it’s fun! I’m not posting pictures, though, because I haven’t taken any (and don’t know when I will be). Maybe I’ll borrow some from someone I know who’s taken lots of pictures… Maybe.

Also this Flash Koma thing that apparently I do and apparently the only people who read this thing have been waiting for since I came off of hiatus the first time… It exists. I did some re-ordering and took off the Flash Koma tag of things that were not Flash Koma so it will not in fact be number 100, but I will have one… eventually. Not until after I get back on the 25th, though, so not in the very near future. But before the very distant future. Hopefully.

Wow… I feel like things are expected of me even though I’ve already proven I don’t do anything. Ever. I have responsibilities and things. Merciful Luna I miss when this place was a Walfas ripoff fansite.

2 thoughts on “Oh, hello there, I didn’t see you come in”

  1. I’m glad that you are back.You do sound a bit…different.BUT WHO AM I JUDGE THE PERSONALITIES AND ACTIONS OF PEOPLE?

    …and yeah.I would love to read your future posts,because I am a person who doesn’t have a lot of activities so…


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