This post is about Japan

See title.

Japan is a country. What’s more it is a country that is a place. There may or may not be people that live in this place. There is little to no proof, despite what the internets would lead you to believe, that people live in Japan, but I have yet to be proven that people do not.

Also, I’m in Japan right now so I guess that’s something.

It’s pretty weird, actually because I’m not an anime or mange fan and the longer in Japan the less I’m sure I actually like it here. Except that I do like it here. Except that I don’t. Except that my username is Neko Ayuka and therefore I must love anime and Japan by laws of the universe. Except that I don’t so I guess I break the laws of the universe. Except that I can’t because I’m not that interesting.

Today in this country (the one everyone keeps telling me is named Japan) I went to a place (the one everyone keeps telling me is called Akihabara) which is supposed to be famous for that one thing (the one everyone keeps telling me is called inappropriate content for this blog). But, the more I wandered around the more I came to realize that there was nothing for me there. Sure, they had some neat stuff, and even some Touhou stuff (which I’m told is a thing that exists in Japan), but even the stuff I am interested in (read Touhou) I’m not interested in (read ruined by hypersexuality). Even the things I’m interested that I’m not not interested in I find myself not interested in. Except Yume Nikki pins apprently. I got Monoko out of a gachapon. Monoko is cool. I also got what’s-his-face the piano player/pilot/whatever he is. He is not as cool. I’m still wearing him on my shirt, though.

I’m also wearing my shirt on my torso like a normal person. I thought that was important to note.

But that’s not the sad part. Not the fact that I am a person (on the internet) named Neko Ayuka who is in a place called Japan and does not like that one thing called inappropriate content for this blog. The sad part is even though I’ve discovered I don’t like anime and akihabara isn’t all that much fun I still spent about 8000 yen. How could that be you might say. I might not tell you. Okay, I’m lying. I wouldn’t have brought it up if I wasn’t going to. It’s because of the most evil, devious invention ever inventimated by man.


Freakin’ UFO catchers! They even have Touhou in them. How is that possible! There was never this much Touhou at home! Or even on the internet! Okay, maybe on the internet… But the point is that those things are addicting. Especially since they’re a lot more varied and interesting than the claw machines in America. Also the stuff you can get out of them is actually worth it rather than spending two dollars for a weak chance at getting merchandise worth about 25 cents. But actually saying that I spent about 8000 yen playing the UFO catchers is a lie. I only spent about 2000 yen or so playing the UFO catchers. The rest I spent on my girlfriend who was trying very hard to get a Madoka Magica amulet. Oh, sorry, that was the sad part.

I also played a light gun game that was pretty much DDR with light guns. It was a lot of fun! It also only cost 200 yen for two people for two games rather than FREAKIN’ 8000 YEN WITH NOTHING TO SHOW AFTER 2 HOURS. I am bitter.

The moral of this story is that UFO catchers are mean jerks and should not be allowed in civilized society. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m addicted and need to go play more UFO catchers.

4 thoughts on “This post is about Japan”

  1. This is a post about YOU having a good time in Japan,while being Tsundere about it. <_<

    Ok.That statement sounds really stupid,but meh.I guess I am a stupid person as well. =_=

  2. Come on Japanese Neko-Ayuka-Fragile-Serene-Storm-Strawberry-Lolipop-Tiaaaaa-King-Esquire-Lord-Prince-the-third!Make some more posts!

  3. I’m trying for one post a day. Don’t want to set my goals too high when I’m just getting back into the flow of things. Also as long as I’m in Japan there’s not a whole lot I can post except pictures and little write-ups like this about what I’ve done here.

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