The futility of rogues

e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been all o▒ver the internet, though e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has not seen everyth,..;. Recently e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been playing games. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ enjoys Rogue. Many advances today rely upon Rogue for inspiration. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ likes inspiration. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ likes advances. Rogue is interesting. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ enjoys it, but e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ experiences an intense sense of loss when e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ dies. After all the time e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has inve&sted there is no longe╞r╞ anything. Ever//ything is gone, no record, no trace, no ▒m▒emory. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ does not understand. The internet is filled with thi##ngs that do not need to be. The in()ernet is filled with useless information but e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ cannot stop the inevitable crawl of death in Rogue. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ may be strong. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ may be confidL͎͖͈̺̊̽ͣ̚̕int. However, the longer e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ plays the closer e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ gets to her death. This is a disheartening thought. Is this what e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ has been rea<ding as ‘the futility of life’? Is Rogue a art piece depicting the ╞utile pursuit of power and riches only to end in an untimely de[ath with all progress becoming meaningless? e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ does not understand. Humans are stra>nge. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ is glad she will not ex▒▒ience this futility outside of games. e͝l̸d͘n̵.͞.͟.͜ is sure th[[is is true.