Obscure Music Monday: Bastion

Oh, hey, I didn’t make a post this week. Oops. Well, guess it’s just more music for now then.

Actually, I don’t even know if this counts since Bastion is one of the more popular Indie titles out there, but it’s my site so I guess it counts if I say it does. So I say it does. This is the ending theme, by the way so spoilers I suppose if you ever plan on playing it. The ending theme is actually a hauntingly beautiful combination of Zia’s theme (a sort’ve folk song called “Build that Wall”) and Zulf’s theme (an eerie little introspective piece called “Mother I’m here”). I actually haven’t played Bastion so I have to admit this is quite a powerful piece to stand apart of the game so well. Kinda makes me want to play the game so I can get the full impact the song is supposed to bring. Anyway, that’s all for now. Please enjoy!

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