Project Crying

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I wanted to do something with Project today and I ended up drawing her crying. Well, that’s not exactly an uncommon sight, but still I decided to give her a reason to be moved to tears. It’s because her toy twuck which is in no way a twuck broke. Truly a sad story.

4 thoughts on “Project Crying”

  1. (Staring at the crying girl)Ok,she is cute and I will not hesitate to buy her a new twuck,(Or repair that oe.)BUT I have the feeling that I have seen something like this before…can’t remember where…but I am gonna search around and find out. <_<

  2. I think both of you are failing to realize that this is in no way a twuck! Positively! In any way!

    Anyway, I was trying to think of what I could give her that would be broken and would make her cry and I kept thinking of ‘twuck’ so I decided to go with it. Besides, I don’t mind making references to Walfas.

  3. (Still staring)Nah,it’s not about the twuck…I think the idea of breaking stuff and girl crying for it…that’s what I think I’ve seen somewhere before…But where…Oh I guess I’ll never remember. :D :D

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