Hat Girl

Hat Girl loves her hat. She takes it everywhere with her, carrying it on her head (like most people do with hats). She often treats her hat like a real person and is known to hold conversations with it. Some people swear they have even seen it move. Hat Girl is air-headed and carefree with little regard for reality and convention which leaves a great amount of room for imagination. However, she doesn’t know when to stop talking and is often selfish and immature, particularly shown by the fact she seems to get annoyed by seemingly random things. She will laugh at pretty much any joke even if she doesn’t get it which may make her seem stupid sometimes, but she actually does surprisingly well in school. She simply doesn’t think things through very often. She loves videogames and ice cream above anything else.

Pigtails Girl

A relaxed person for the most part, but also a diligent worker and strictly studious, Pigtails Girl often acts as an intermediary between Hat Girl and Annoyed Girl keeping both from annoying each other too much. However, she has had her share of arguments with both Hat Girl and Annoyed Girl for similar reasons. Although she rarely goes any place fancy, she likes to dress nice everyday just for the heck of it. Pigtails Girl spends most of her free time talking to or generally hanging out with her friends. She isn’t a big fan of video games in general, but loves to play multiplayer games whenever she gets the chance, particularly party games, and will often hang out with Headband Girl to play or watch anime. She eats breakfast for lunch almost everyday and usually has cereal which is possibly her favorite food of all time. This often puts her at odds with Cereal Killer Girl. Pigtails Girl is sometimes hard to please or get to know, but she is willing to help out her friends with pretty much anything they need pretty much anytime they need it. But that doesn’t mean she’ll be happy about it.

Headband Girl

Headband Girl’s friends describe her as ‘the friendliest person you will ever meet.’ Her only real goal in life (aside from playing videogames) is to be as nice as possible to everyone she meets. Because she is so friendly, it is usually Headband Girl that plans ‘parties’ of sorts and invites new people into the group. However, she knows when to put her foot down if something gets out of hand. She is nevertheless fairly gullible and incredibly scatter-brained. Headband Girl loves RPGs, computers, and anime and, although more grounded in reality than Hat Girl, will often dress or act like her favorite characters which sometimes concerns or annoys her friends. Her favorite accessory is her headband which she wears everyday (an idea she got from Phantom Brave) although she also loves the tiny bat she is sometimes seen wearing in her hair (an idea she got from an anime she doesn’t remember).¬† She loves Japanese food, especially riceballs and gyouza. Her favorite thing in the entire world is fireflies.

Annoyed Girl

Jaded and… well, annoyed pretty much sum up Annoyed Girl’s attitude toward the world. She is difficult to impress, quick to criticize, and doesn’t have much tolerance for messing around, particularly where Hat Girl is concerned. And yet she often finds herself hanging out with Hat Girl more¬† than her other friends and as much as Hat Girl annoys her, she is willing to stick up for Hat Girl no matter what. She often plays ‘the straight man’ in her circle of friends, and her harsh criticism isn’t always appreciated. Still, when it comes down to it, Annoyed Girl is incredibly grateful for all her friends and loves having them around. In fact, they may not even annoy her as much as she lets on. Just don’t you dare say a word of that to her face.


A long-time friend of Annoyed Girl that was introduced to Hat Girl, Marisa has tried to befriend Hat girl and the rest of Annoyed Girl’s friends. She gets along wonderfully with Headband Girl and even pretty well with Pigtails Girl, but Hat Girl often forgets who Marisa is or otherwise torments Marisa demanding she ‘give back the precious thing’ or berating her for ‘stealing Patchouli’s books’. This greatly hurts Marisa’s feelings since she tries so hard to be friends. She loves comedy anime and will sometimes hang out with Pigtails Girl and Headband Girl to watch it or join in on whatever they might be playing. Her bow is her favorite possession and she is often just as worried about harm coming to it as she is about herself.

Cereal Killer Girl

A strange girl that appeared from nowhere one day, Cereal Killer Girl is more than a little creepy. But, she’s completely harmless. Except to cereal that is which she loves to attack just because she can. This always upsets Pigtails Girl who loves cereal. In spite of not getting along well with Pigtails Girl, Cereal Killer Girl is actually very friendly but her creepy personality and weird interests often make Hat Girl and the others concerned and unwilling to stick around for long.