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If you’re a touhou fan then you probably already know about create.swf, but on the off-chance you don’t, here’s a link! What is Create.swf? It’s a flash file that lets you create pictures. It’s preloaded with touhou characters, but can be used to create all kinds of other stuff too, touhou-related or not. It’s loaded all kinds of features which include the ability to save characters you’ve created, create scenes with multiple parts, and even a pong-like mini-game. It’s pretty impressive, so go check it out!

Flan-Wing Lights

A little late for Christmas, maybe, but it’s before epiphany! Anyway, here’s something both amazing and amazingly cute: A Christmas remix of Flandre’s theme! It’s really pretty impressive how cute and happy they made the song sound considering how ominous and evil it sounds normally. But the real impressive part is whoever made this video synced up colored lights in the shape of Flandre’s wings in time with the remix. Enjoy!

Having issues with the internet, so I’m posting this to make sure it gets up before tonight. I will edit this with something else later.

People Who Know About Touhou

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Yeah, it’s still snowing. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe Letty or Cirno actually ARE involved. I can come up with no other logical explanation.

Double Scarlet Touhou PV

Today was Christmas and our family came over to our house this year which meant a LOT of preparation and a fair bit of clean up too. As a result, no flash today. I’ll start back up on them tomorrow.

So, instead, here’s one of my favorite touhou PVs! It’s not new by any means, but I love it and as far as I’m concerned it will never get old. So, enjoy! And Merry Christmas (or at least what’s left of it anyway)!