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Randomizing: The Musical

Been busy again with school work, so here’s some more of what I’ve been working on! This time it’s the music we’ll be using for the final animation. I like it well enough and it does seem to represent random pretty well, but I like the original version better. Still, it had to be shrunk down to one minute rather than two and this works a lot better than speeding up the original and dropping the pitch did.

東方 [Piano] Tabula Rasa ~ The Empty Girl

Today was a long day. Between running around, doing more database work for my father, working some more on the doll I made, and trying to learn the music in this video on piano. I’m still working on the first two lines. >_<

UPDATE: I’m working on something right now and Neko Arrange will not be updating until I finish with it (shouldn’t take more than a couple of days). All I’m saying for now is that changes are on the way.