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JewWario – Bullet Hell Games

Lack of posts this past week. A combination of the two tests I had as well as the project due Monday and the lousy internet that just keeps getting worse. I’m going to start trying to upload posts early and have them post at 10 so I don’t have to worry about the internet possibly giving out at a bad time. It’ll also help to make post-times predictable. But that is not what this post is about!

For those of you interested in That Guy with the Glasses or Blistered Thumbs, JewWario has done an episode going over some danmaku games and discusses Touhou for a bit. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, JewWario is an internet… reviewer? Of sorts? Anyway, he hosts a show called You Can Play This that discusses Japanese games, usually that haven’t been ported to other countries, and how they can be played. It’s a pretty interesting show, actually, and being about Japanese games as it is I suppose it was only a matter of time before Touhou came up. Actually, he mostly talks about games that have been ported to the U.S. Still, I find it interesting for Touhou to show up in such a mainstream place. Sure, I know Touhou is all over the internet but it doesn’t seem often you hear it mentioned by name, and That Guy with the Glasses isn’t exactly an obscure site even if JewWario isn’t one of the headliners.

So, yeah, today is pretty much just silly observations about something I found interesting. Oh, also ZUN made an announcement regarding fan-made works that are sold or something. But I guess I’ll talk about that some other time.

Happy Belated Chinese New Year 2: Hong Meiling

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Even later for Chinese New Year it’s Meiling! However, she is not nearly as surprised about the strange frozen frog next to her as the fact that she was not the mascot for Chinese New Year. Poor Meiling.

Also trying something different with thehoovesagain. Not entirely sure which style I like better.

Happy Belated Chinese New Year: Reisen Udongein Inaba

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Due to internet outages I missed Chinese New Year by two days. I’d like to think it’s because of the icy weather we’ve been having recently but really it’s just that the wireless on campus is getting worse and worse. But here today is Reisen! And a frozen frog… She seems confused about it too.

Little Sis Challenge #1: Cirno

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First challenge from my little sister was easy. Draw Cirno for the 9th Touhou-a-Day. So I did! With a frozen frog. That can’t be good.

Flare Challenge #1: Bucketless Kisume

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At Flare’s request I tried drawing Kisume without her bucket. This is how I always imagined she would look, but now that I actually see it she looks pretty plain. Oh well, maybe I’ll try again another time.

Touhou-a-Day: Layla Prismriver

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As long as I’m doing the Prismriver sisters I obviously can’t forget Layla. Her design is mostly based on Touhoumon and the You May Know Dream PV, although I gave her much lighter colored hair since all of her sisters seem to have light shades as well.

Touhou Christmas Tree

This is more than a little late considering Christmas was almost a month ago, but here is a pretty neat thing that was decorating our house while our decorations were still out. The Touhou ornaments were made by my little sister from Create.swf and it turned out pretty awesome.

As I said, last semester and Christmas break were pretty busy. I won’t go on about that, but I did find out that I was accepted into the Japan program for this summer, which means I’ll be going to Japan for about a month once this semester ends! Yay! Some friends of mine also got accepted in, so I’m really looking forward to it even if it still is a few months away.

In other, other news, I washed the shirts I made over winter break for the first time today. They’re all ruined now. I’m very sad. A few of them ended up fading out almost completely and the rest turned pink. Guess I better be more careful next time. Oh well, I’ll just remake them when I have the time.

Touhou-a-Day: Merlin Prismriver

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No post yesterday. I was out late because the Broadway performance of Monty Python’s Spamalot came to my campus and I really wanted to go see it. It was actually a lot better than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be pretty good, so that’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, as long as I’m doing the Prismrivers, Merlin needs some love too, so today is Merlin. She actually came out really well, I think, and her hair was fun to draw. I made sure to pay close attention to skintone on this one and am still trying out new things with arms andhooves, so hopefully it’s only uphill from here.

Touhou-a-Day: Lunasa Prismriver

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Since I did Lyrica yesterday it makes sense to do the rest of the Prismrivers, so today is Lunasa! As I said, she’s probably my favorite of the Prismrivers. Although she doesn’t play the keyboard.