Oh, hello there, I didn’t see you come in

Oh, right… This place… Er, hi?

Yeah, it’s Neko Ayuka again. Yes, I said Neko Ayuka as in I’m not changing my name for this post. No Fragile, no Serene Storm, no Strawberry Lollipop, no Tiaaaaa, no King Esquire Lord Prince the third (twice removed). Okay, maybe a little Fragile because Fragile is a cool name and it lends me completely unearned authority and totally doesn’t make me sound like some sort of easily-broken glass object. Totally. Anyway, the point is that I mine as well stop trying to fight it. Everyone knows me as Neko Ayuka and that is who I’ll be no matter what random adjectives I throw against the refrigerator with magnets. In fact the more I keep changing my username the more people are just going to call me Neko or Ayuka anyway. So, yes, I am weeaboo I guess which is sort of odd since I post less anime and manga than O-New which is not about anime. It’s sort of odd too since I didn’t even choose Ayuka because it was a Japanese name. Nope. I just did what I usually do with user names and threw syllables against a wall until they gained sentience and told me I was mean and to stop doing that. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered Ayuka was actually a Japanese name that translates roughly to beautiful fish. By the by, Beautiful Fish didn’t stick as a username either. I know. I tried.
Other names I formed by the same process include Ryun and Sheera which are also pronounceable in the Japanese syllabary but not in Russian… I assume>>

A Mysterious Case of Misdirection ~ the Prologue

So I totally had this post written since I posted the last post here back in February. I held off on posting it because I wanted to post it the next day, but held off for longer after that because I was waiting for players to decide on names. Here we are, I don’t know how many weeks after the first actual game took place and I’ve only just now posted to pre-game write up. Apparently I need to stop lining up posts before-hand. They seem to decrease my chances of getting a post out in a timely fashion, not increase it… Anyway, without further ado…

A Mysterious Case of Misdirection

A Touhou Higashijanai ~ Western Roses test-run

~The Prologue

Wherein we are introduced to our ‘heroes’ and a sheep.

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Touhou Higashijanai ~ Western Roses v0.6

Hay, it’s been more than a week since I last posted here! Well, we can’t have that. Well, how about that update to Western Roses I’ve been promising? Yeah, that’ll do. I’ve actually had v0.6 done for a couple of weeks now, but I held off on posting it because one of the test players wanted to be Alice which meant I needed to go ahead and write rules for the Doll Master class and I kept putting off writing them until a few days ago. Then I didn’t post about it here because apparently I always have to post about things on Neko Arrange about four days after I finish them or something. Anyway, with the addition of the Doll Master class that technically makes this v0.65. Actually, it technically makes this v0.75 because the system has undergone a near complete overhaul. But it’s still getting called v0.6 because that’s what the file is saved as and we DO NOT argue with the file name. It gets very agitated very easily.

So now you’re probably sitting there in your chair thinking: Well, Ayuka/Neko/Fragile/Lineko/Tiaaaaa/whatever-name-you’re-going-by-this-week, that’s great but why should I care? Continue reading Touhou Higashijanai ~ Western Roses v0.6

Calm Triumph

What’s this, a song that isn’t related to pastel-colored marshmallow ponies?! Yes, I do that to. I used Neko Arrange’s new banner even though the song is only marginally related. I’m not really sure what to say about this one except that I like it a lot less now than when I first made it. I guess time does that to you, but oh well. I guess I could also say that I made this a long time before I posted it, but I waited until long after I put the other songs on youtube to post them here so I guess it all evens out in the end.

Also, new Western Roses ruleset is still incoming. First actual game was supposed to be today, but due to homework I wasn’t able to get everything ready in time. New schedule is for next Thursday which means I need to make final changes to the rules this weekend, so expect the version then (not that it makes much difference to anyone who comes to this site, but at least it shows I’m actually doing something).

Touhou Higashijanai ~ Beautiful Western Roses and the University Class of What the Hell!

Stallion, school has really taken a bite out of my time. I’m supposed to be a computer science student. What’s with all this math?! Yeah, I know computers involve a lot of math, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Oh, but that’s not really what this post is about. See, remember that thing I was working on a while back? Ya know, that Touhou RPG that I said I would probably stop writing and abandon. Yeah, in retrospect I’m not very good at keeping my word, am I? The next version of the rules, v0.6 is coming soon and it’s almost a complete overhaul of the rules, improving them to make them flow a little better as well as to be a more flexible system. Improvements you can look forward to include: A full character creation system, lacking only the ability to create options (ya know, those things that appear when you gain power in the shooters) including 8 races and a handful of classes that will be expanded upon in later rule sets. Also, the base work for the spellcard system which allows players to create spellcard decks similar to the fighting games. And a new system of rolling where a character’s stats determines the number of dice she rolls as opposed to simply trying to roll lower than a certain number (mostly because trying to roll higher than a certain number is sort of easier to deal with).

One way or another, I plan on doing character creation for the local test group this Friday which means the new version of the rules should be out within a week or so (depending on how much I overhaul the fighting system).

Cereal Killer Girl doesn’t actually know what it’s about, she just likes to stab things

On January 18th (and part of January 19th) this image replaced Neko Arrange in protest of SOPA and PIPA along with the internet blackout on the same day. I usually hate to get involved with politics, especially on Neko Arrange, but SOPA is about more than just politics, so I felt compelled to do something for the blackout even if it’s not much.

Well, actually, credit for the idea of the image goes to my little sister. Although I chose to have Cereal KillerFillystab PIPA since it gets a lot less attention than SOPA inspite of being about as bad.

Anyway, one way or another I won’t do things like this very often.