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Spazzy flash of spazziness

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EDIT: Fixed now that I’ve finally figured out how the new coding in Flash works. Well, kind of. Anyway, the original version can be seen here. Anyway, this is just a test of working with flash-based comics. It’s random, I know, and I’ll come up with more witty comics in the future (hopefully with better art as well), but this was sort of a proof of concept thing for me to figure out how to work this. Should be much easier to deal with in the future now.

So I discovered today that it’s been far too long since I’ve tried to mess with actionscript in Flash. It’s completely changed and I don’t know how to make buttons work properly anymore. As a result the buttons in this flash don’t work. Or anything else for that matter… So enjoy this spaz attack instead! I could’ve just extended the number of frames and made each panel play for longer, but I didn’t. Why? Because the spazziness made me laugh. Also haven’t figured out how to embed flash yet so there’s only a link here now. I’ll edit this post once I figure it out. Fixed.

A blog about cute and awesome

Hello, and welcome to Neko Arrange! This blog-like-thing is not about my life. Well, not really anyway. What is it about? I have no idea! This is sort of an experiment for me to see if I can update everyday, and not just with blocks of text but with actual content. I want this site to become a sort of live update for all things cute or otherwise awesome (at least in my own personal opinion). In other words, I’ll be posting awesome things I find on the internet, probably mostly videos and such, and probably mostly touhou since I’ve recently become obsessed with it. What I’d really like to do, though, is create comic-like flashes as often as I can about random things. I’m going to give it a shot, at least, even though my art leaves more than a little to desire.

If this sounds like another site it’s because you’re crazy and obviously aren’t thinking straight. Or it could be because KirbyM and Walfas are more or less the entire inspiration for me starting this project in the first place, one of the two. That said I would love to have my artwork sold in Japan and have a small, loyal following like KirbyM, but I’ll be a little more realistic. A little. I’m not completely basing this site off of Walfas, though. I’ll also be updating with the progress on my many other projects whenever I get anywhere note-worthy on them (for example, if I ever actually get around to finishing a new page in Ryuugai Aesheer). I’d also like this to become a portfolio of sorts for my drawings, stories, and animations but I’ll get around to that at some other point. In the mean time, please enjoy the About page (it has stuff written in it!) and the image above which I put here solely for the purpose of this not being just a block of text (yes, it has nothing to do with this post). No, I did not draw it.

Also, as a note, the name Neko Arrange may change at some point depending on whether or not I can think of something better.