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Release Dates

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EDIT: Alright, I sorta have to apologize for this. It ended up turning into a rant which isn’t what I’d intended, but still. I won’t do something like this again.

Alright, I’ll admit this was a little rushed but I really didn’t want to make another video post today. Still, anyone who has ever waited for a video game should know what I’m talking about.

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Citadel Art Project

I wasn’t sure what to post for a flash today (and it’s nice to have a post every now and then that’s not a flash or a video), so here are some pictures from my final from last semester instead. The project was to create a world and draw a large image of that world with two smaller images showing details of that world. Mine is a large citadel looming over a poor, ruined city in a desert/canyon like area. As far as my art goes, this came out really well. My teachers didn’t think so much of it, but oh well.

Touhou Shirts!

You may be wondering why I’ve posted videos these past two days rather than making flashes. Or maybe you’re not, which is a shame because I’m going to tell you anyway.


This was my Christmas present to my sister, and we finally got around to actually MAKING the shirts over the past few days. That’s her modeling the shirts, by the way, although you can’t see much of her. We had to do a little experimenting to figure out how it actually works which is why some of them didn’t come out so well, but they’re okay at least. Shirts are of Cirno, Nitori, and Flandre in case you didn’t know. Putting Cirno’s and Flandre’s wings on the backs were my sister’s idea.

Also, we do not own the artwork put on these shirts. They’re owned by their various creators. I’ll post links to their pictures when I have more time so they won’t run across this later and go ‘hey, I have a name!’ Also, ‘the strongest shirt’ is an idea I stole borrowed from Walfas, so give KirbyM credit for that one. Coincidentally, that picture of Flandre on the front of the pink shirt is also KirbyM’s work.

Spazzy flash of spazziness

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EDIT: Fixed now that I’ve finally figured out how the new coding in Flash works. Well, kind of. Anyway, the original version can be seen here. Anyway, this is just a test of working with flash-based comics. It’s random, I know, and I’ll come up with more witty comics in the future (hopefully with better art as well), but this was sort of a proof of concept thing for me to figure out how to work this. Should be much easier to deal with in the future now.

So I discovered today that it’s been far too long since I’ve tried to mess with actionscript in Flash. It’s completely changed and I don’t know how to make buttons work properly anymore. As a result the buttons in this flash don’t work. Or anything else for that matter… So enjoy this spaz attack instead! I could’ve just extended the number of frames and made each panel play for longer, but I didn’t. Why? Because the spazziness made me laugh. Also haven’t figured out how to embed flash yet so there’s only a link here now. I’ll edit this post once I figure it out. Fixed.