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Today I finished up the mock-up model for a lighthouse project I’m doing for my stdio class. So here’s a video with Youmu, Sanae, and Alice that’s related to the Hina video posted on Walfas today. In completely unrelated news, there probably won’t be many, if any, flashes for about a week or so. Just giving fair warning. Also, this is old, but K.K. Slider Was Her.

March 23 Videos

Today was mostly spent doing homework, although I did get to go to an advance screening of How to Train Your Dragon because of my major. It was a lot of fun, and I met a new friend! Yay! Anyway, here is an anime-style ending for Touhou followed by two MMD things, the first a version of smooooch with the Yakumos and then one of Cirno being the strongest dancer. Finally is PC 98 Alice buri hamachi. Enjoy!

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March 8 Videos

A shopping trip today among other things took up a lot of today, so I figured I’d just post videos since that would be easier. I should have known better. There were a TON of videos released recently, but here we go. Apparently Mesopota just released 6 PVs, most of which are  short versions that I’m guessing they’ll finish later. The first is a compilation of snippets from all six because it was the only place I could find the first one with Yuyuko and Youmu. The other five follow. Then there are a bunch of other videos. Sorry, no in depth explanation of each today. Just too many to mention. O.O



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March 1 Videos

Today has been much, much longer and a lot more difficult than it should have been. So, here are more videos! First off is Ocean Strange Story 1. Second is a cute PV involving winter time. Third is Koishi’s theme with lyrics added via vocaloid by YAMADA-SUN who has apparently done a bunch of other videos of the same kind. That’s pretty much all I could find for today, so I added in an old, short video  using create. swf with Rumia and Cirno talking over the internet, and another old video about Alice forgetting the lyrics to Marisa stole the Previous thing. Enjoy!

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February 7th Videos

Yes, another video post, but at least there are several videos this time, and they’re all recent! First is a touhou kinemakan PV. Second there’s an Alice SOS OP parody with, you guessed it, Alice. And Subterranean Animism characters. Third is a Patchouli Cooking thing.  Then there’s what seems to be a PV for a new IOSYS song  about Hina. Finally, Yuka Buri Hamachi (with Wriggle getting beaten up).

In other news, Aggiecon is OVER! I have a history test tomorrow morning, and turn in my shadow box mockup and then this overworked weekend will finally be done with (I know it’s technically over at midnight tonight, but I won’t consider it done until my history test is over). So hopefully I’ll finally be able to finish this flash I’ve been working on by tomorrow night.

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Touhou Buri Hamachi


AKA Touhou Yellowtail, another new fad in Nico Nico! And I’m actually finding out about it when it’s still new! This is amazing! Originally from this video of a character from Nippon Ichi’s Ar Tonelico 3. Remilia, Flandre, and Suika above, but there’s also Neko Miko Reimu, Sanae, Cheeeeeeen, Sakuya with Meiling, Mystia, Rinnosuke, Cirno, Shou, Marisa, Neko Marisa, Parsee, Koishi, Youmu, Neko Alice, Aya, Utsuho, Suwako, Ran, A different version of Meiling, Keine, 3D Nazrin, 3D Reimu (with backup dancers), Yuyuko, Sunny Milk, Patchouli, Tenshi and a compilation of ten of them together with probably more showing up on Youtube tomorrow.

Owata Asia


Today was eaten up by sleeping preparing for working the graveyard shift at Aggiecon today (or tonight, or tomorrow morning depending on how you look at it). So, here’s another Touhou video. I think this one is actually new! At least to Youtube. Just a sort of random PV with a lot of characters as far as I can tell, but I also don’t speak Japanese. Seems to be centered around Keine mostly.