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When Paperclips Attack

Today was fun. Sure there was a lot of cleaning and work that needed to be done, but something awesome happened. I got to break a mug with a hammer. Why? FOR ART! I have a sculpture due Monday that I finished today, and personally I think it turned out really well. I hope my teacher and the other people in my group think the same thing, but oh well. For now, enjoy the (probably too many) pictures I took of the finished piece. Just click on the photo above.

Citadel Art Project

I wasn’t sure what to post for a flash today (and it’s nice to have a post every now and then that’s not a flash or a video), so here are some pictures from my final from last semester instead. The project was to create a world and draw a large image of that world with two smaller images showing details of that world. Mine is a large citadel looming over a poor, ruined city in a desert/canyon like area. As far as my art goes, this came out really well. My teachers didn’t think so much of it, but oh well.