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July 1 Videos

Two videos today, a Bad Apple!! animation and a cute Chen video (actually I think I’ve seen this somewhere before, but oh well).

On an unrelated note, I had a job today! A real honest-to-goodness job! Where I worked almost all day… It wasn’t much fun. :( More tomorrow, too. At least the weekend is coming up and I should be just as unemployed as I was before next week! On another unrelated note, Enchanted is an excellent movie. It’s not often you see a woman save the man. It needs to happen more often.

March 22 Videos

Three videos today. First is Flandre as a boss in Golden Sun, and she’s pretty powerful too! To anyone who hasn’t played Camelot’s Golden Sun, it’s an excellent RPG for the GBA that you should  definitely check out. There are two games (although they’re really just one game broken into two parts), and both are very worth the money. Second is a Hatate Buri Hamachi and finally is Bad Apple!! with colors. That is all. Enjoy!


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February 26 Videos

Today is videos due to awesome. There’s a Bad Apple!! thing. With actual apples!! (actual bad apples!! maybe?) which Walfas beat me to posting. Second is two PVs in one video called Little Love Song! The first is a Mokou X Keine thing, the second is a Mokou vs. Kaguya thing. Then a RED ZONE thing with Marisa and Alice. Finally, two buri hamachi videos. First is Yuka (without her hitting Wriggle! Yay!) and the second is a non-chibi Reimu.


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