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20th Birthday

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Today was my 20th birthday! It’s a little exciting because 20 is a pretty important age, but kind of scary too since I never really imagined myself being this old. Well, I’m not really that old, but still. It’s been a pretty fun weekend. My mother and sister came down to celebrate with me on Saturday and left late today. I got a camera too, and a pretty nice one at that. I’ll post pictures and whatnot tomorrow. Tonight I just don’t feel up to a flash, so I hope you enjoy this image.

School Friends

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I  haven’t done anything with Cereal Killer Girl and Marisa in a while so I decided to include them in something today. But, ugh, I can’t draw tonight. Especially Cereal Killer Girl. I obviously need some drawing practice with her.

But, school friends are pretty neat. Except you don’t get to see them for half the year when you’re in college.

Character Page and Quick Flash Hamachi!

As you may or may not have noticed, I finally added a character page! Hopefully this will make things a little less confusing or at least give you something pretty to look at. This is actually the first in a number of things I’ve been working on some of which will be coming soon and others of which may take me the entire summer. Actually, the Characters page isn’t even fully complete yet. I have some more I want to add to it, but getting the pictures finished will take some time. You may also notice some changes in the  design of some of the characters (mostly Hat Girl). All will be explained in due time.

In other, also awesome news, a complete version of Quick Flash Hamachi (yes, with sound). I hope you enjoy it! =^w^=

EDIT: Please note that you will need to let the flash play all the way through once before the sound will sync up. I guess the next thing I need to work on is loading screens… >.>


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Just a quick Quick Flash. I asked one of my friends for a topic and they said chocolate, so I did one on chocolate. Actually, as awesome as chocolate is, there are lots of things I like better. Like Touhou. But chocolate is still awesome. Anyway, this was also a test of sorts. I’m still getting used to using the tablet so I’m playing around with the different settings and I don’t have it down just yet, but soon!

More Touhou Shirts

Yes, more touhou shirts! And a Cereal Killer Girl shirt! Yay for shameless plugs! Actually, I made these three on the last day of spring break, but I didn’t have a access to a camera until today. That me modeling, by the way. Anyway, it’s probably obvious but the two touhou shirts are based on IOSYS songs: Neko Miko Reimu and Club Ibuki in Break All. I’m also working on a couple more, though it may still be a while before I make them since I don’t have the materials I need at college.

Advance Screenings

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Yes, this is two days late, but like I said, Vaprrenon and I went to an advance screening of how to train your dragon on Tuesday. It wasn’t quite this bad, but there were some technical difficulties and they ended up having to bring in a new machine to play the movie. They also gave us stamps on the backs of our hands to show we were allowed to watch it, and mine is still there! Although it’s faded a little. They also made us turn off our cellphones. Like actually powered off, off as opposed to just not ringing off. But more importantly we made a new friend! And found out that if you look through those 3D glasses backwards while the lights are on everything looks green! That’s about it. Oh, guess I should say that the movie was good. Not epic, but good. It was about dragons at least, which is awesome enough for me.