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Flare Challenge #2: Flandre Scarlet

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I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress due to school recently. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m switching my major and the transition isn’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped. Still, tomorrow is Spring Break and I’m looking forward to the change of pace. I’m going to be chaperoning my little sis’s trip to New Orleans, though, so unless I get something up tomorrow I won’t be posting again until Wednesday or Thursday next week.

But, anyway! Today’s Touhou-a-Day is another challenge from Flare. Not his second challenge, but the second challenge I’m doing which is just ‘draw Flandre’. So I did! Still working on the other challenges, as well as the 100th Flash Koma.

EoSD for Busy People

Taking today to post a couple of works by other people. First, the first twelve episodes of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for Busy People have been translated by Furienify! I’m excited because I’ve always loved these videos and having them translated is awesome.

Also, my sister has finally started a DevArt account. You can find her under the name Kimo-Kai. If nothing else, at least check out this piece of Touhou fanart she drew. It’s worth a laugh or two.

May 8 Videos

Several interesting videos today. First is an MMD vid with Remilia, Flandre, Mokou, and Keine dancing. Second is a trailer for a second Touhou mystery dungeon game, this one starring Sanae, with more of that 3D work that I love. Then there are two videos that I was a little iffy about posting. But both are cute so I decided to post them anyway. The first one, an Aya and Akyu video, seems sad at first, but gets better at the end. It’s definitely a strange video, though. Then there’s a video with Reimu and Yukari and some wine. Actually, it’s ReimuXYukari, but I refuse to admit that. That’s all for now. Enjoy!



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March 22 Videos

Three videos today. First is Flandre as a boss in Golden Sun, and she’s pretty powerful too! To anyone who hasn’t played Camelot’s Golden Sun, it’s an excellent RPG for the GBA that you should¬† definitely check out. There are two games (although they’re really just one game broken into two parts), and both are very worth the money. Second is a Hatate Buri Hamachi and finally is Bad Apple!! with colors. That is all. Enjoy!


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March 11 Videos

Finished my shadow box project today, and as far as I’m concerned spring break has already started. But I’m exhausted, so here are some videos for you. First is a cute PV withe the characters from Undefined Fantastic object. Second is Scarlet Devil Smooooch with Sakuya, Falndre, and Remilia. I thought I had seen this before, but apparently the finished version didn’t come out until just recently. Next two are MMD Flandre and Marisa fighting 3D danmaku style! Has a cute ending too! Then is a really long MokouXKeine PV. Then there’s a video of Reisen and Eirin fighting. And then Chen and Orin doing that same thing that Yuugi and Parsee were doing in one of those videos I posted on the 8th. Finally, there’s Silver Knight, a MAD about Sakuya, Youmu, and Eirin.


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March 8 Videos

A shopping trip today among other things took up a lot of today, so I figured I’d just post videos since that would be easier. I should have known better. There were a TON of videos released recently, but here we go. Apparently Mesopota just released 6 PVs, most of which are¬† short versions that I’m guessing they’ll finish later. The first is a compilation of snippets from all six because it was the only place I could find the first one with Yuyuko and Youmu. The other five follow. Then there are a bunch of other videos. Sorry, no in depth explanation of each today. Just too many to mention. O.O



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March 5 Videos

Had my last test before spring break today. Now I just have to get my shadow box project finished and I’ll be done! So, here are some awesome videos. First is an awesome IOSYS PV for Shikieiki: Conviction Yamaxanadu! I was a little surprised considering how bizarre their recent PVs have been. Second, there’s a 3D Satori and Koishi PV that oozes cuteness. Then there’s an Innocent Key PV for Lunatic Red Eyes that may or may not be old. I’m not sure. Fourth is a short Meiling RED ZONE using Puchi Touhou graphics. Then there’s an adorable loop of Flandre with some stars. Finally is a PV that has Hina with guitars called Kuru Kuru Bina. Enjoy!

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