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Life of Project: Halloween

October ended up being really busy and as you know I hardly posted at all. I won’t really dwell on things I missed last month, but Project really wanted me to make a post about Halloween, so I am. I think the biggest reason for her asking me to is because she got some new clothes: some bat socks, a witch’s hat and a trick-or-treat bag shaped like a cat. She won’t admit it, but I think she’s a little bit happier looking more festive. Just a little.

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Suika Cosplay: the beginning

Finished my project today. It turned out horrible, but I’m glad to have it over now. I spent most of today sleeping due to sleep deprivation and after some dinner I’ll be going back to bed so I don’t miss class tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, though, little sister saves the day! She has been working on her Halloween costume and she’s decided to go as Suika. Pictures above are only the accessories, but I’ll post more pictures when there’s more to the costume. It’s pretty impressive, though, since she made the horns from scratch. They’re to scale, too, so I don’t know how she’s going to fit through doorways. The shapes were pre-made but needed to be painted except the pyramid which was originally a bird house. The gourd right now is just a couple of plastic pumpkins. They still need to be sanded down to be flat, attached, and painted, but all in all it should end up pretty awesome. Way to go little sister!