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Don’t mind Hat girl. She’s just having an existential crisis. She’ll be fine in a bit.

Anyway, this is a bit simple but I’m also a bit busy tonight. I actually made a different version of this which you can see here. I didn’t use it for a couple of reasons, the first being that I’ve noticed that when I draw like that my drawings get sequentially worse and worse and also because when I do loops like that it’s starting to look more and more like I’m directly ripping off Walfas and although I usually try not to avoid doing things simply because KirbyM did them, the only reason I starting doing animations like that in the first place was because KirbyM did them that way. It’s high time I tried harder at being original anyway.

Armed a Salt

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Continuing in my never-ending attempts to inform the public on the dangers of Sodium Chloride, here is an educational PSA I whipped up specially for tonight. I hope you find it both entertaining and enlightening.

Lost Bag

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Last night I went down to the basement of the commons dorms where they play videogames late Friday nights until early in the morning. I played Brawl for a while and when I got up to leave I found out my bag was gone. It was terrifying! I looked everywhere I could, asked everyone who had been down there, and finally we ended up finding a bag that looked a little like mine that no one had claimed. There were some assignment papers with a name written on them so I headed off to see if I could borrow a computer to look this person up. Unfortunately, all the on campus buildings that have computers were closed so I had to go all the way back to my studio and borrow a laptop from a friend of mine. After searching the university website and several social networking sites I hadn’t come up with any contact information. It was then that I realized I should probably look through the bag to see if there was maybe a phone number in it. And as it so happens there were several copies of a resume in there with the person’s phone number on them. Also as it turns out they live in the same dorm I do. I got really lucky. I got by bag back and gave them their bag back. Thankfully nothing was missing. I have learned not to let my bag out of my sight, though, even when there are trustworthy people around.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

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I finally had a chance to play with my camera today! It was fun! ^_^

Ah, but I’m kinda getting ahead of myself. If you were wondering why there was no post yesterday it was because of the computer issues I (sorta) mentioned on Monday. As it turns out there were a ton of shared objects saved on my computer from flash advertisements. I had to uninstall flash player and disconnect from the internet to fix the problem. It’s all fixed now, though, and little Suwako-chan is doing better than ever! Yay!

But enough about computers.

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20th Birthday

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Today was my 20th birthday! It’s a little exciting because 20 is a pretty important age, but kind of scary too since I never really imagined myself being this old. Well, I’m not really that old, but still. It’s been a pretty fun weekend. My mother and sister came down to celebrate with me on Saturday and left late today. I got a camera too, and a pretty nice one at that. I’ll post pictures and whatnot tomorrow. Tonight I just don’t feel up to a flash, so I hope you enjoy this image.

Happy belated talk like a pirate day!

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Talk like a pirate day is pretty neat. But somehow I always seem to miss it every year. It makes me kind of sad.

Also, sorry for no post Thursday. I had a ton of work to do and was up until long past midnight and ended up losing track of time.


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It’s the little things that make life beautiful.