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Blank stare…

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I apologize, I know I’ve been missing a lot of posts recently and a lot of them have been last minute video posts. To make a long story short, these past few weeks have been… bad. I won’t rant about it here, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the worst is now behind me and I’ll be getting back to posting everyday starting today.


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I asked for a topic today. That was a mistake. It became about birds, then about flying, then about wings, then about videogame references and finally I settled on this.

First Project

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Sorry about the lateness of this flash (as well as the generally rushed quality). I’m desperately trying to catch up on homework I didn’t have a chance to do while I was working on said project. Anyway, this flash is a bit of an exaggeration. We actually had it more together than this, but it felt this hopeless sometimes.


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Well, turns out I lied. I recently increased the resolution on my laptop to it’s max and it’s changed a lot of things, including flash. All the animations I did before now look squished, so this may look stretched by comparison. Working with different resolutions is a pain. I may end up needing to go back to my old resolution if things look weird on other people’s computers. Can you all tell a difference?

Anyway, as a result I decided to do a shorter flash to test the new resolution so I made a flash out of a poorly conceived idea I had late one night while cleaning the studio. I wondered for a long time whether or not this was too intense or political for me to want to touch which is why I ended up giving it the ending I did.

School Friends

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I  haven’t done anything with Cereal Killer Girl and Marisa in a while so I decided to include them in something today. But, ugh, I can’t draw tonight. Especially Cereal Killer Girl. I obviously need some drawing practice with her.

But, school friends are pretty neat. Except you don’t get to see them for half the year when you’re in college.

Yeah, what does that mean anyway?

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Wanted to do a looping animation today, and I realized I haven’t drawn Headband Girl in a while, so I drew her contemplating the name of this website. I hope she doesn’t hurt herself.

Making Movies

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The reason I was at the botanical gardens yesterday was actually to be part of a youtube movie! I have no clue when it’s gonna be posted, but it’s gonna be awesome! Kinda.

On a semi-related note, I saw Despicable Me today. It was excellent. Plus the three kids were little girls which, studies have shown, are 99% cuter than little boys.

Laptop Screens

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My laptop screen broke today. Well, cracked really, but it has a pretty big damaged area down in the bottom right corner that keeps me from seeing the time. My laptop being injured makes me sad. T.T So I made a flash! That’s pretty much all the thought that went into this.

Also, I missed a post last night… My sister and I finally finished Tales of Symphonia for the first time last night and I didn’t have enough time left to do anything for the blog. If I had it would have been a video post anyway so I figured it would be best to go ahead and wait and do a flash today instead.