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Music WIP: World’s End Dancehall

I’ve been working on a cover of World’s End Dancehall. Not for any particular reason aside from practice and because I like the song, but it’s still fun to work on. It still needs a lot of work too, though. Aside from being unfinished, the instruments don’t really work together. Also I accidentally gave the singing part to one of the instruments, but oh well. It’s not much, but please enjoy!

Teto Popcom

I’ve been messing around with LMMS and running some tutorials. I combined the song I ended up with with UTAU and got what you hear above, Teto singing her name to Popcorn! So, Popcom, because Teto is a computer program! Yep, that’s it. I am very easily amused.

EDIT: Now it actually works! Uploaded it as a wav file instead of ogg. No clue why the ogg wasn’t working properly, possibly something to do with audacity which I created it with. This is going to take some experimenting.