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I’m actually a writer

You remember that new content I was talking about? Well, here’s part of it: a new section where I’m adding my writing. I write both original stories and Touhou fanfiction and I’ll be posting both to the site as well as linking to where they can be found elsewhere. The first of these is A Rainy Day, a short comedic story in which Nitori’s plans are interrupted by the arrival of Marisa. you can read it on this site or at MotK by clicking one of the links on the Writing page. Just follow the link above!

More new content, updates to Western Roses, Touhou-a-Days, and more coming in the near future.

The Oil Shop Incident

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://www.grissomsbasketcase.com/catelf/wp-content/uploads/oil_shop.swf” width=”412.5″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]Get Adobe Flash player


Based on a suggestion from an MotKer. This took a really long time to make. And it still could use some work if I had more time to polish up the ‘storyline’ a bit. Ah well. This is why I try to do this everyday. I will improve!

Blowing Stuff Up and Moving

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://www.grissomsbasketcase.com/catelf/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/explosions.swf” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]Get Adobe Flash player


Yay for quick flash today! Boo for not being able to draw Touhou characters! Based on a comment by Mushyrulez on that Internal Combustion Engine flash, here’s Utsuho blowing stuff up and moving! And that’s pretty much it. It’s getting harder to draw these. Being careful with the art makes things take a lot longer so I really need to stop waiting until the last minute to get these done. Oh well.

Also, my videos post was almost identical to Walfas’s yesterday. Maybe I should just stick to old videos…

February 7th Videos

Yes, another video post, but at least there are several videos this time, and they’re all recent! First is a touhou kinemakan PV. Second there’s an Alice SOS OP parody with, you guessed it, Alice. And Subterranean Animism characters. Third is a Patchouli Cooking thing.¬† Then there’s what seems to be a PV for a new IOSYS song¬† about Hina. Finally, Yuka Buri Hamachi (with Wriggle getting beaten up).

In other news, Aggiecon is OVER! I have a history test tomorrow morning, and turn in my shadow box mockup and then this overworked weekend will finally be done with (I know it’s technically over at midnight tonight, but I won’t consider it done until my history test is over). So hopefully I’ll finally be able to finish this flash I’ve been working on by tomorrow night.

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Touhou Shirts!

You may be wondering why I’ve posted videos these past two days rather than making flashes. Or maybe you’re not, which is a shame because I’m going to tell you anyway.


This was my Christmas present to my sister, and we finally got around to actually MAKING the shirts over the past few days. That’s her modeling the shirts, by the way, although you can’t see much of her. We had to do a little experimenting to figure out how it actually works which is why some of them didn’t come out so well, but they’re okay at least. Shirts are of Cirno, Nitori, and Flandre in case you didn’t know. Putting Cirno’s and Flandre’s wings on the backs were my sister’s idea.

Also, we do not own the artwork put on these shirts. They’re owned by their various creators. I’ll post links to their pictures when I have more time so they won’t run across this later and go ‘hey, I have a name!’ Also, ‘the strongest shirt’ is an idea I stole borrowed from Walfas, so give KirbyM credit for that one. Coincidentally, that picture of Flandre on the front of the pink shirt is also KirbyM’s work.