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Quick Drawing: Chibi Project

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Thought I would try drawing one of my own characters today with color, so I drew Project! Sad as always. This didn’t turn out too amazing, but that’s partially because I need to remind myself of what exactly her clothes look like. Sort of ironic that I need to check references for my own characters, but I guess that’s what I get.

Life of Project: Halloween

October ended up being really busy and as you know I hardly posted at all. I won’t really dwell on things I missed last month, but Project really wanted me to make a post about Halloween, so I am. I think the biggest reason for her asking me to is because she got some new clothes: some bat socks, a witch’s hat and a trick-or-treat bag shaped like a cat. She won’t admit it, but I think she’s a little bit happier looking more festive. Just a little.

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I’m just like Alice! Part 2

So, finally Project is done. She actually didn’t turn out too horrible, and she looks a lot better now than she did when she was still just a base. Maybe she doesn’t look too amazing, and I’m not entirely sure about the yarn hair (I think in the future I’ll make the hair out of fabric), but for my first attempt she came out pretty well. Clothes made by my mother (and she did a wonderful job), eyes and mouth sewn by my sister, everything else done by me.

Project Crying

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I wanted to do something with Project today and I ended up drawing her crying. Well, that’s not exactly an uncommon sight, but still I decided to give her a reason to be moved to tears. It’s because her toy twuck which is in no way a twuck broke. Truly a sad story.

Project and the Butterfly

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Touhou 12.8 has been announced, featuring Cirno, the three mischievous fairies and freezing bullets. This isn’t news to anyone. So, here’s a short flash I made yesterday featuring Projet, a character of mine I have never mentioned before! Project is a homunculus who often feels that the world is conspiring against her. Probably because it is. This short animation is sad, but it’s so cute.