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The Oil Shop Incident

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Based on a suggestion from an MotKer. This took a really long time to make. And it still could use some work if I had more time to polish up the ‘storyline’ a bit. Ah well. This is why I try to do this everyday. I will improve!

[Touhou] れいむの乱心 – Reimu’s Outrage

I was one frame away from finishing a flash when I finally decided that the drawings I was doing were just too poor to pass off as an actual Quick Flash so I decided against posting it tonight. I’ll still finish it, I’ll just have to redraw everything first. Thankfully it’s not too long.

Instead, here is Reimu in what is probably the more accurate version of the events in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

July 6 Videos

My laptop is sick again. She’s caught ransom ware for the THIRD time now and since I don’t have access to my files while she’s scanning here are a couple of awesome videos my sister showed me! They’re both relatively recent, too. The author has also posted several other Create.swf videos and although I haven’t seen them, if they’re as good as these two then they’re definitely worth checking out.

If want to waste 36 sec of life. [Walfas video]

Didn’t have time to make a flash today. Or maybe I just spent too long playing Donkey Kong Country with my sister… Well, today was pretty busy anyway. Lots of yard work and then I got a new phone! Yay! So, here is a short Walfas video in which Reimu wakes up in a room with a lollipop. It’s short, it doesn’t make much sense, but it’s cute and it made me laugh, so there you go.