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EoSD for Busy People

Taking today to post a couple of works by other people. First, the first twelve episodes of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil for Busy People have been translated by Furienify! I’m excited because I’ve always loved these videos and having them translated is awesome.

Also, my sister has finally started a DevArt account. You can find her under the name Kimo-Kai. If nothing else, at least check out this piece of Touhou fanart she drew. It’s worth a laugh or two.

[Touhou] れいむの乱心 – Reimu’s Outrage

I was one frame away from finishing a flash when I finally decided that the drawings I was doing were just too poor to pass off as an actual Quick Flash so I decided against posting it tonight. I’ll still finish it, I’ll just have to redraw everything first. Thankfully it’s not too long.

Instead, here is Reimu in what is probably the more accurate version of the events in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

May 8 Videos

Several interesting videos today. First is an MMD vid with Remilia, Flandre, Mokou, and Keine dancing. Second is a trailer for a second Touhou mystery dungeon game, this one starring Sanae, with more of that 3D work that I love. Then there are two videos that I was a little iffy about posting. But both are cute so I decided to post them anyway. The first one, an Aya and Akyu video, seems sad at first, but gets better at the end. It’s definitely a strange video, though. Then there’s a video with Reimu and Yukari and some wine. Actually, it’s ReimuXYukari, but I refuse to admit that. That’s all for now. Enjoy!



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【Silver Forest × 亡き王女の為のセプテット】 _永遠に幼き紅い月_


Today’s been a long day. I had my portfolio printed and assembled and then turned it in as well. That’s one class down for this semester, four to go. I also had wood cut with a laser! It was cool! Anyway, as a result, here’s an MMD video involving Remilia and her theme.

March 21 Videos

I’m back at college now. Until Easter, at least. Spent most of today packing and on the road, so here are some videos! First are the four full versions of those Mesopota videos from a while ago. Remilia Destiny, My Life, Love Colored Straight Line Magic, and Lotus Petal. Then is a strange, but cute video in which Sakuya hires some extra help at the SDM gate. Next is a PV with the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom except with mechas and some other strange stuff. Finally is an ED for Mountain of Faith starring everyone’s favorite Kappa!

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