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Western Roses v0.2 is here!

It’s been a long month. To those of you who didn’t see it, the site was down for about a week and a half during and after spring break, apparently some problem with the web host. Then I got hit with school pretty hard as well as working registration all weekend for AggieCon which, again, was scheduled on one of the worst weekends for me. Still it’s over and all that’s left is catching up on homework.

I have a lot to post about, what with a trip to New Orleans over Spring Break, some material for a new life of Project, a couple new sections I’ll be adding to the site soon, as well as more Touhou-a-Day pictures. But I’ll get to those in other posts.

For now, the big news is an overhaul of the Western Roses rule-set!

That’s right, Western Roses is now officially on v0.2, bringing with it a great number of changes all of which you can see in the changelog posted on the Western Roses page (just follow the Western Roses tab at the top of the page). This actually started as a change to the stat system, but I ended up changing a whole bunch of the rules as well as taking out several systems that didn’t make much sense in the Touhou universe. The rules are now simpler, clearer and more concise moving from 8 typed pages in Word to 6. Of course it will get bigger when I start adding more sections, but in this particular case smaller is a good thing. The next topic I will be tackling will be character creation, so keep an eye out for updates in the near future as well as new other new content for the site in the next few days. Thanks for bearing with me!

Super Hat Girl RPG

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I love RPGs, and I haven’t done many flashes involving them, so I decided to do one tonight. Just a short one because I am very tired and need to go to bed.