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Touhou-a-Day: Suika Ibuki

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Another of my very favoritest Touhous, here is Suika! She is a drunk Suika.

Arms are obviously something I need work on. Also hooves, but I don’t usually draw hoovesso oh well. And speaking of arms there’s also this that I randomly made last night.

Suika Cosplay!

My little sister’s Suika costume is complete! And here she is showing it off in all her awesomeness. All in all i think it turned out really well especially considering she and my mother made this themselves. Way to go little sis! Now go out and collect me a lot of candy! Mwahahaha!

And, wow I’ve missed a lot of posts. I knew I would miss more than a few but I didn’t expect to miss this many. I’ve even been meaning to make a post for several days now but simply couldn’t find the time. In fact, I’m still pretty pressed for time. This current project is due Monday which means I probably won’t be able to make a post for Halloween which makes me a little sad (I’ll even be in the studio so I won’t get to celebrate it at all). I probably also won’t be able to post Monday because after class I plan on passing out and not waking up for a long time. I’ll try to get back to regular posts as soon as possible. Optimistically Tuesday, but I’m still sort of apprehensive to make promises about that since I’m still a little behind on homework. In the meantime, please enjoy Costume Day!

Suika Cosplay: the beginning

Finished my project today. It turned out horrible, but I’m glad to have it over now. I spent most of today sleeping due to sleep deprivation and after some dinner I’ll be going back to bed so I don’t miss class tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, though, little sister saves the day! She has been working on her Halloween costume and she’s decided to go as Suika. Pictures above are only the accessories, but I’ll post more pictures when there’s more to the costume. It’s pretty impressive, though, since she made the horns from scratch. They’re to scale, too, so I don’t know how she’s going to fit through doorways. The shapes were pre-made but needed to be painted except the pyramid which was originally a bird house. The gourd right now is just a couple of plastic pumpkins. They still need to be sanded down to be flat, attached, and painted, but all in all it should end up pretty awesome. Way to go little sister!

Suika video day! (plus friends)


[Original Song]


[Original Video]


Busy again tonight, and probably will be tomorrow as well. But at least it’s a Suika video tonight! Yay for Suika! And it’s a pretty adorable song too.

EDIT: added a second Suika video because it’s also adorable.

EDIT2: Added a second video related to the second Suika video. Seems to be a new meme. I approve greatly!

EDIT3: Added links to the original song/video of the videos.

The Oil Shop Incident

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Based on a suggestion from an MotKer. This took a really long time to make. And it still could use some work if I had more time to polish up the ‘storyline’ a bit. Ah well. This is why I try to do this everyday. I will improve!

【Touhou 3DPV】 Reimu Vignette 【東方 AQUASTYLE】


Squeeeeeeee! This PV is so awesome! Okay, so maybe it’s just because I want to be a 3D animator when I graduate college (CG animation is what I’m studying in college just in case I haven’t mentioned it before), but this has quickly become one of my favorite Touhou PVs. This PV was done by Aquastyle, who you may remember from the opening to the Touhou mystery dungeon game. Okay, I’m done going on about how awesome I think it is. Alright, maybe just one last squee. Squee!

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been working pretty much nonstop on my final studio project. In fact, the only breaks I’ve really taken are eating and updating my blog (as well as a couple of one hour naps I suppose). It’s coming along pretty well, but there’s still so much more work to do. Well, I’ll get it all done soon enough. It’s due Tuesday afterall.

More Touhou Shirts

Yes, more touhou shirts! And a Cereal Killer Girl shirt! Yay for shameless plugs! Actually, I made these three on the last day of spring break, but I didn’t have a access to a camera until today. That me modeling, by the way. Anyway, it’s probably obvious but the two touhou shirts are based on IOSYS songs: Neko Miko Reimu and Club Ibuki in Break All. I’m also working on a couple more, though it may still be a while before I make them since I don’t have the materials I need at college.

February 27 Videos

More videos today because I very desperately need to study. I’m also working on some non-quick flash stuff for the site but that’s aside from the point. First, there’s a new trailer for the second Touhou Kinemakan that’s still set to be released on the 14th. Second is a height comparison for almost every Touhou character. Third is an anime OP for Mountain of Faith. Then there’s a repetitive Suika washing thing that’s repetitive. You mine as well just watch the last five seconds since it just repeats over and over until the last two seconds or so. Then, there’s an MMD thing using Bittan Bittan where Remilia and Flandre cheat at jump rope and then Sakuya and Meiling try too. Finally, there’s a character fusion thing. Ever wondered what some Touhou characters would look like if they were put together? Neither have I, but you’re going to find out anyway.


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Touhou Buri Hamachi


AKA Touhou Yellowtail, another new fad in Nico Nico! And I’m actually finding out about it when it’s still new! This is amazing! Originally from this video of a character from Nippon Ichi’s Ar Tonelico 3. Remilia, Flandre, and Suika above, but there’s also Neko Miko Reimu, Sanae, Cheeeeeeen, Sakuya with Meiling, Mystia, Rinnosuke, Cirno, Shou, Marisa, Neko Marisa, Parsee, Koishi, Youmu, Neko Alice, Aya, Utsuho, Suwako, Ran, A different version of Meiling, Keine, 3D Nazrin, 3D Reimu (with backup dancers), Yuyuko, Sunny Milk, Patchouli, Tenshi and a compilation of ten of them together with probably more showing up on Youtube tomorrow.